The Ebola outbreak started in early 2014 and were one of the largest majorly affecting West African countries. Here are some points to consider regarding the deadly virus.


It is a viral disease caused by three of the five species within the Ebolavirus genus. It is officially known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever and was first recognized in 1976 in Africa.

Statistics shows that 90% of people who come in contact the virus die from it. Some of the onset symptoms are flu-like includes headaches, body aches, fever, sore throat and weakness, diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain. It takes up to 21 days for the symptoms to show. As said by CDC the disease can cause rashes, red eyes and internal and external bleeding in some cases. Since these symptoms can be caused by some diseases, it’s better to have a blood test done to rule out a viral disease like malaria, cholera, hepatitis, etc.

The outbreak started in Guinea and, later on, spread to Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Origination of Ebola:

It is suggested that animals are the carriers of the virus. Humans aren’t the natural host of the virus they may have contracted the virus through ingestion. According to WHO monkey, pigs, bats, chimpanzees and gorillas are some of the animals who have been reported to spread the disease.

The disease can spread person to person by coming in contact with saliva, mucus blood, and other secretions. Usage of contaminated needles is one of the sources to spread the disease in healthcare organizations.

Treatment of Ebola:

As of now there is no treatment available for the patients infected with Ebola virus but with the support – maintaining the bodily fluids, blood pressure, oxygen levels and providing pain relievers may ease out the pain.

Outbreak in United States of America:

The USA is not affected by Ebola virus. Several researchers in Texas and Virginia infected in 1990 with the Ebola virus by coming in contact imported monkeys. However, the type of Ebola does not show symptoms in humans, although it was fatal in monkeys.

People Infected with Ebola Virus Disease:

According to the world health organization since the outbreak of Ebola approximately 4,000 cases and more than 2,400 deaths have been reported, including the recent outbreak in West Africa.

Protection against Ebola:

The common man can prevent contraction with the virus by avoiding the places where Ebola have out broken recently. If one has traveled recently to the infected places and have been exposed to a virus, it’s suggested to wash hands with warm water and soap and try to avoid contact with eyes nose and mouth. If EVD symptoms show up it’s better to isolate oneself and call for medical help immediately.