Winter can take a toll on your heating bill. But winter is also a great opportunity to save on your utilities. The key to understanding how to keep your home warm is the fact that you lose more heat by radiation to your surroundings than through convection to the air.

Avoid spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on energy bills this season with these simple tips.

Let the sunshine in.

Open your blinds and curtains whenever the sun is out. The sunlight can contribute to warming your interiors, even if it is still chilly outside. This is because during the day, the radiant energy that your windows allow to enter through the glass is greater than the energy trying to escape your home.

Tips To Stay Warm Inside Your Home

Close your curtains when night time comes.

By closing your curtains and blinds immediately after the sun sets, you prevent heat loss. The curtains add an extra barrier to radiant heat loss, and they add insulation. Make use of thick curtains during winter season to make your home feel warmer and cozier.

Cover your floors.

What better time to use those rugs and carpets than during winter? Nobody wants to walk on ice cold floors. Whether tiled or made of wood, cover those floors and keep your feet warm.

Cover your front door and walls.

Doors can let the chilly winter air in, even if it is closed. Cover your door with a thick door curtain, to protect you from the cold and to eliminate any heat loss.

Your walls, although made of concrete, will also need reinforcements to prevent heat loss. Hang any wall carpets or tapestries that you have to help reduce energy loss. Bookshelves are also perfect insulators and can help make the room warmer.

Move your furniture.

How warm or cold you feel inside your home depends on where you are, even if the room temperature is the same throughout. You will feel warmer if you are closer to the inside of your home and further away from the external walls. If possible, place your furniture, such as your couch and bed, against an internal wall.

If your home has an upper floor, spend more time upstairs. Warmer air moves up, while cooler air moves down. As such, the rooms upstairs will be a lot warmer.

Check your roof.

If your roof is damaged, you might be letting out the warm air from the inside of your home. Replace or do necessary roof repairs to ensure that you keep the winter chill out of your home and that you can stay warm and cozy inside.

It would also be prudent to check the attic insulation. Fill in any visible floor joists with insulation to keep your home from losing heat.

Regular Roof Maintenance Will Help Keep You Warm

Keep your home warm during the cold season by having your roof regularly checked and maintained. Your roof is your primary protection against the weather. Call in a professional roofer immediately for your roof repairs and restoration. No matter the season, they will be there to fix your roofing problems for you.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractor for roofing in Columbia, MO.