The function of curtains to human is similar to the function of clothing. It is not only a piece of cloth or wood. It can block the strong sunlight in summer, protect the privacy of homeowners and add score to home decoration. What is more, curtain also has the function of blocking noise, unwanted light out of window to provide quiet and good sleeping environment for home owners. Curtains have become a vital part in home decoration. It also can show the artistic taste of the home owner. If you want to make your loved curtain as attractive as new, then you must know the maintenance and cleaning tips for different window treatment.

Maintenance Tips

1. Clean the curtain every six months and stay away from decolorizer. Dry it naturally in shady place with good ventilation. Washing machine may affect the texture of the curtain. If you are not clear about the cleaning method of the curtain, then the safest way is to clean according to the introduction on the label of curtain.

2. Cleaning method for curtain made of different material is varied. Send the curtain with shrinkage material to the laundry. If you want to learn more about the cleaning method for different curtain, then keep on reading and I will explain to you latter.

3. Soak the valance in the solution of clean water and soda. Then wash with warm water and laundry detergent or soak water two times.

4. Vacuum the dust once a week. Vacuum carefully of the dust between fabric structure.

5. Overturn the curtain every week to uniform the wear degree.

6. When the curtain is stained, wipe it from the periphery of the stain to the center. This can effectively avoid leave print on the curtain. Dry-wash cleaner should be prepared for family with velvet curtain for it cannot be cleaned by water.

7. Do not pull-apart the thread residue directly with hand. The correct method should be cut with scissors.

Tips To Make Your Curtain As Attractive As New

Cleaning Methods for Different Curtains

Soft Blind

Close the blind before you start to dedust. Spay water on it and wipe the blind carefully with rag. When the blind and draw cord are stained, you can wipe them with the solution of warm water and detergent or ammonia water solvent.

Velvet Curtain

Soak the velvet curtain in alkaline detergent and rub softly. Place it on the inclined laundry rack to dry it naturally.

Curtain Make of Canvas, Fabric or Linen

Wipe the curtain with the solution of warm water, soap and ammonia. This method is time-saving and energy saving.

Static Plant Soft Cloth Curtain

Do not soak the curtain in the water and rub or scrub it. The correct method is to wipe lightly with cotton yarn and alcohol or gasoline. Avoid twisting the curtain to remove the excessive water content in it. Twist may cause the peeling off of fluff on the curtain. Press on the curtain with hand to squeeze out the water content and then dry it naturally.

Lace Curtain

Vacuum the dust on it with clothes dust collector first and then de-dust lightly with feather brush. Be cautious when clean the lace.

Roller Shutter or Soft Finished Curtain

Roller shutter and soft finished curtain are the two most common curtains used in home decoration. Close the window before start to clean. Spray water or buffing compound on the curtain and then wipe with rag can make the curtain clean. If the curtain is dirty and do not clean for a long time, then you can wipe it with ammonia solution or the solution of warm water and detergent. Do not wet the glued part on the curtain with poor water proof performance.

Bamboo Finished Curtain

Apply furniture wax on the curtain after it is installed. Wipe it every one to three months with dry rag. Wet rag will leave print on the curtain after wiping. Some wooden roller shutters are washable. Use soft brush and neutral detergent to rub lightly on the stain when it is necessary. Remember to wash the roller shutter with running water and absorb the excessive water with dry rag. Do not insolate it under sunlight. It will cause fading of it.