Tips One:

Different curtains suite for different ways to clean, normal fabric is better to wipe with damp cloth, Easy shrinking of fabrics should be as dry cleaning.

Tips Two:

Don’t use bleach to clean curtains, you must remove it to clean every half year. Keep in mind do not use any bleach, try not to dehydration and drying instead of natural airing to avoid destroying the textures of curtain itself. Clean it before read through the labels of the curtains.

Tip Three:

Window head and Veil cleaning: Wet the veil with clear water and add some Soda to wash, then use warm soap or washing powder water bath twice.

Tip Four:

Vacuum curtains at least one time a week, especially for the dust between fabric structure. Make sure you choose good quality curtains provider such as Curtains Sydney, their curtains are very good and avoid from dusty.

Tips For Maintain Your Curtains

Tip Five:

If cushion can turn over or change over, try to flip it every week, make the wear evenly.

Tip Six:

If stained with stains, tip some water with clean cloth to wipe off, better to wipe it around the periphery of the stains.Do not use water for velvet furniture instead of dry-clean agent.If you also installed the shutter from plantation shutters Sydney, same as curtains cleaning.

Tip Seven:

All cover should not be wash by water, should use dry cleaning and whitening is prohibited.

Tip Eight:

If  lint loose, do not use your hand, the application of the scissors arrows.