You can turn your love for sport into a business and one way to do this is by starting a sport club. Like any other business, it requires planning and budget and there must be an interest in the sport classes that you will be offering around your area. You will also need to invest in the equipment and other things that you will need for running the club like club membership management software, as this will help you manage your records, payments and classes efficiently.

Another vital factor in the success of your sports club is hiring the right employees, since these will make or break your business so you should do it right. Some of the positions that you will need for your sport club are coaches and office personnel to handle its management, marketing and accounting so here are some helpful tips on how to hire the best employees.

Find someone who is committed

Commitment is vital as this will determine if that candidate is more likely to stay with you and will do his job even without your supervision. See the work history to learn how long they have stayed with their previous companies. Jumping from one company to another within a short period is a red flag. You want someone that will grow with the company, as this will eliminate the need to keep on finding, hiring and training new employees which can waste time and effort.

Ask the right questions

Skip on the questions that are irrelevant to the position and focus on those that will help you determine if the candidate is a right fit. For instance, if you are hiring a coach, some of the questions to ask are what they love most about being a coach, why they love the sport and what’s their coaching style.

Choose one with the skills and credentials 

An experienced and skilled applicant is a likely candidate. Check on the education and training that he had as well as the positions that he handled. However, this doesn’t mean that you should close the doors to inexperienced candidates because it is not the only factor that will tell if the applicant is the best choice for the job, which brings us to the next tip below.

Select a candidate with the right attitude

While it is ideal to hire someone with the skills, attitude is also a vital thing to consider. Without the correct attitude, that person may not help in the progress of the company. For instance, if a one is skilled but he doesn’t know how to get along with the club members or co-workers, there will be a negative impact on the club. Skills can be learned but the attitude is hard to change.

Perform background check

An applicant may impress you with his credentials or his smooth talk. However, talking to previous employers or colleagues will help determine what he is like in the workplace. This will give you a heads up of what you may get if you hire him.

Do not rush in making a decision. Contemplate on all these factors to hire the best candidate.