Some shows are meant to be watched with our full dedication and attention. Others are meant for binge-watching. The mega subscription-based platform Netflix is making it big in the Indian subcontinent. However, you’ll have to subscribe to watch the shows.

These shows are specially showcased for the subscribers. Netflix and Pureflix are the two major subscription-based entertainment provider in the world with over 130 million users worldwide. It offers basic and premium subscription plans to all its registered users. Netflix offers both standard definition and high definition shows. You can watch all the top-rated shows and movies and explore genres like comedy, drama, thriller, romance, etc. anytime. You can also watch original shows which are available exclusively on Netflix. Pureflix is a milder version of Netflix that broadcasts family-friendly content. It has several shows on education, science and nature, making it perfect for viewing of children. Add these Netflix originals on your watchlist today before it is delisted.

Narcos is one of the highest rated Netflix original series with over three seasons. The first series was released in the year 2015. It is based on the true story of Pablo Escobar, the infamous drug smuggler. However, this show must be watched with parental guidance. If you’re one of those who enjoy classics from the 90’s like FRIENDS or other sit-coms, tune into Star World, Comedy Central and other TV channels.

Dish TV offers over 400+ channels in both SD and HD quality. You can get a new Dish TV new DTH plan starting at Rs.1700/- which includes installation charges. Orange is the New Black is a comedy series based on true story. This Netflix original series is currently premiering its sixth series. It is based on Piper Kerman’s memoir which showcases her experiences in federal prison. This drama-comedy show is one of the most viewed shows on Netflix. The Keepers is one of the crime series based on the murder case of sister Cathy Cesnik. It revolves around the sexual abuse of children by a priest where she was teaching. This case took over 20 years in search of a convict. However, no one was convicted until today. This series presents a stark reality of the life of nuns and young girls at a convent. Fuller House is a Netflix exclusive sequel to the much-loved family sitcom Full House from the 90s. Full house showcased 8 successful seasons. You can also catch all the old episodes of Full House on Netflix.  It is full of laughter and humor with all the kids grown up now with their own families. The old characters are introduced in a new light in this show.

It is recommended to watch these shows with the child mode on. Watch these shows on-the-go during your travel or just relaxing on an afternoon.