Every bride wants their big day to be special, but some go a little bit further than others in making it a memorable occasion. These wedding venues are some of the world’s weirdest and they are certain to leave the guests with some very special memories.

Take to the Skies

If you, like many couples are trying to stick to a strict budget and keep costs low, you could also consider sky diving or a hot air balloon ride. These options are sure to keep the guest list short, and you could save a fortune on wedding attire too. Bungee jumping is also a favourite with thrill seekers, and incorporating a leap of faith into your big day will definitely make an impression.

The Worlds Wackiest Wedding Venues

Setting Sail

Getting married on a boat doesn’t really constitute as a wacky wedding, unless it’s a warship or a pirate ship! In England, history buffs may want to take their love aboard a ship in the Historic Dockyard and employ the services of a Wedding Photographer in Hampshire to document their special day which would be made all the more complete by period appropriate costumes, or a re-enactment of a famous battle. Pirate weddings abroad an authentic Jolly Roger are also an excellent option and many themed weddings have ended with the groomsmen walking the plank.

Musical Moments

Graceland and Las Vegas is a popular spot for weddings of those who are fans of the King, but if you’re looking for an alternative you might want to try and get your favourite singer to serenade you. Gary Barlow has taken up the challenge to do this for 3 lucky couples. If you can’t have your favourite singer come to you, you can always go to them and get married in the stadium before a rock concert, at a music festival or join in the mass weddings held at events like Burning Man. There’s no better way to celebrate than with a soundtrack by the band you love, and these wedding venues let you take it one step further.

Fairground Fun

Getting married at the fairground is a rather exhilarating fantasy and for those who make it a reality it’s a sure fire way to have fun. It’s essential to rope in the services of an experienced photographer such as lemontree-photography.co.uk when getting married at the fair as potential for action shots is incredible. Saying ‘I Do” at the top of a rollercoaster, celebrating on the swings or enjoying a romantic moment on the dipper are all part of the fairground nuptial experience.

Going Underground

Some couples prefer to set the scene for their weddings underground, with caves being a popular choice with those who like a little less daylight time. Far from being dirty and dank, some caves offer spectacular backdrops of stalagmites and stalactites, creating an interesting and romantic scene that’s sure to get people talking. For those ladies who aren’t scared of being labelled a gold digger there’s also the option of getting married in a mineshaft, and in the deserted mining town of Eldorado or Nelsons Landing this option is not uncommon, even if it is unusual to see bridal parties heading underground.