Good web design can be hugely influential in determining the success of your business. From engaging with customers to driving sales, a well designed site will be an investment that continues to pay dividends for your company.

How Good Web Design Can Change Your Business

Whipping a website into shape can be difficult if you are not certain of the parameters which define success and failure online. So here are just a few things that you can address if you want to alter the course of your business and build a lasting presence online.

Intuitive Interfaces

A website can look as stylish and modern as you like, but without an interface that allows customers to navigate pages, find products and make purchases with ease, all of this aesthetic work will be for nothing.

In this instance simplicity is important, because you need to cater to users who may not be especially tech savvy. It is no use assuming that every visitor will be a seasoned web user, since a convoluted interface will more than likely cause many people to leave the site immediately.

Using web design in Reading from companies like is a good idea if you want advice and guidance on how to optimise the interface of your site, or help adapt it so that it can be used from mobile devices.

Mobile optimisation is even having an impact on search rank, with marketers developing new ways to target customers and improve site visibility in the age of smartphones and tablets.

Compelling Copy

With mobile usage on the rise, site visitors are less interested in overwhelming interactive or multimedia elements embedded in pages. This is in part because portable devices are not as well equipped to handle this type of content.

As a result, the quality of the copy on your site is still the most compelling tool you have to increase engagement and boost sales. And there are many long standing copywriting tricks which still work well on the web.

Consumers respond well to calls to action, as well as a sense of urgency. So writing confidently, accurately and originally about products, offers and deals will grab the attention of visitors.

Hammering out grammatical errors and avoiding plagiarism are as important as ever, but modern website copy must also take into account the power of social media. Securing shares through Facebook, Twitter and other sites can be just as valuable as earning a high search rank.

The Mobile Question

While in the past having a mobile optimised site may have seemed like an optional luxury, the reality is that no business can afford to ignore this today. And a good website will be responsive enough to ensure that all visitors can use it effectively, no matter which gadget they are using to browse the web.

This kind of optimisation may well need expert involvement, so if it cannot be sourced in-house then consulting a third party design firm is a good idea to get all the answers you need