It is a general wrong notion that criminal defense lawyers always protect the guilty, this is why the profession of a criminal defense lawyer is seen as not so respectable. But the fact is, they play a pivotal role in the justice system of a country. If you are involved in a criminal proceeding, whether you are innocent or guilty, you will need the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer. The criminal attorneys help give the accused in a criminal case, a chance to prove themselves innocent, if they happen to be so.

The rights of any accused is primarily protected by a criminal defense lawyer in the United States, the criminal defense lawyers are bound by duty to make sure that their client’s every right is protected. The lawyer should make every effort within his capacity to ensure the accused gets the right to a trial before the jury, the right to be presumed innocent before he/she is proved guilty.

The rights to expect a public and speedy trial and also to remain silent if need arises, should be ensured to be protected by a criminal defense lawyer, for his client. Along with this the lawyer also plays an important role in safeguarding the right of the accused to ask for legal counsel and the right to not be harassed by unreasonable seizures and searches.

The Key Role Played By A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Ann Shirley Sheeley is an expert criminal defense lawyer and she has been practicing as a licensed attorney in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. She even owns a law LLC by the name of Sheeley Law. Having a total experience of more than 22 years, she handles cases of personal injury, workers compensation and other cases.

Among the responsibilities of a criminal defense lawyer is also the task of seeing that the government does not over reach in the giving of punishment for any accused of criminal wrong doing. The lawyers who are veterans and experts make sure to take care of this and even end up challenging governments.

The efficiency of a criminal defense lawyer is of grave importance because if he/she fails to bring justice to the accused then their license could be encroached upon or other penalties charged upon him, like even sentence to jail confinement.

It is therefore that we see such an able criminal defense lawyer in Ann Shirley Sheeley. She has the reputation of a very capable litigator over the past few years both in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In her initial years of being a lawyer too, she did not shy away from her responsibilities but showed great expertise in handling every kind of case that came to her including family issues.

Though many a times the criminal defense lawyers are considered the ‘friends of the criminals’, yet the truth is that without them the judicial system of any country is unable to function smoothly. Just imagine the plight of the accused if lawyers such as these were not present? The government overreach for punishing would be great. The accused would not even get a chance to prove themselves innocent. The presence of the criminal defense lawyers brings a balance in the judicial system and prevents the overriding of one party over the other.