Being a surgeon is filled with responsibilities wherein a surgeon needs to make right decision to save life. Indeed, it is a rewarding profession as people resemble surgeons with the God because ultimately a surgeon saves life of the people in operation room. However, it comes with a lot of responsibility so a surgeon should be a dedicated one towards the job. Mark S Hochberg is an experienced surgeon having experience in general surgery. He has been practicing surgery for more than 41 years and saves lives of many people. For him, his job of saving and helping people is the greatest thing he has in his life because he considers himself as the humanitarian.

Mark S Hochberg - A Surgeon With Eagle’s Eye and Lion’s Heart

Joviality and Dedication:

A surgeon should have eagle’s eye while operating with Lion’s heart because it is a challenging task. Moreover, patients should feel more comfortable with the surgeons who are genial in nature and communicates with their patients properly to diagnose and treat them in a better way. Moreover, dexterity is very important for them to conduct the operation with perfection. Mark Hochberg is a man who posses both these characteristics, and that’s why people love him as he always fulfills his responsibilities. No matter what time it is, whenever he gets call of duty, he immediately responds.

He Loves his Job:

As the famous proverb goes, do what you love and love what you do, he is the man who loves his job passionately and never takes it as profession rather a passion to help and serve the humanity to keep the humanity alive. No matter whether his patients are coming from where or fortunate enough to get treated, he prioritizes to help them first, thereafter will discuss other formalities. He clearly asserted that he loves his job of being surgeon, facing challenges daily to cure, heal and save life of the people.

A Strong Educational Background:

He is certified to conduct surgery in New Jersey, Massachusetts and New York. Moreover, he is designed as professor in New York university of Medicine. Plus, there are several other certifications and affiliations that he has to ensure that he is the most perfect and most dependable surgeon: certification from NY state medical License, NJ state medical license, MA State medical License, American Board of Thoracic Surgery for thoracic & cardiac surgery.

Most of his clients crowned him as the best surgeon because of his 41 years of relentlessly serving the people in medical domain. Plus, he always makes sure that all patients get the immediate treatment. However, he needs to appoint some more genial and trained staff so that patients can get better care for sure. Mark Hochberg also understands what he needs to do for the betterment of the patients. He is always ready to help the patients so people can reach out him anytime. Next time whenever you think of a surgeon, pay respect to him/her as he/she fights to save your life.