You don’t have to spend a lot of money on food to eat well in Birmingham. There are joints in Birmingham that offers you cheap but quality food. Whether you are in for breakfast or dinner, the joints discussed below offers you nice and fine delicacies. Just a look at their menus will get your taste buds excited. The joints gives you an assurance of quality and affordable food. You don’t have to spoil your budget to eat in Birmingham.

Where Can You Eat on a Budget in Birmingham?

The best five cheap eateries in Birmingham are:

  1. Anderson & Hill

Anderson & Hill Cheese Counter

Located in Birmingham City Center, Anderson & Hill gives you an array of food and wine to get you thrilled for more. You can call Anderson & Hill and they will bring your food of choice to your doorstep. If you are traveling, you can always drop by the joint and ask for a wrap of your best food. The service is great and safe. Opening from Monday to Saturday, Anderson & Hill will take care of your stomach. Are you a fun of cheese or sausage? Think no further than Anderson & Hill. Their sandwiches are yummy and good for a quick eating.

  1. 40 23 Mediterranean Food


Located at Stephenson Street, 40 23 is a fine Take Away Cafe which offers you quality traditional food. Get to experience a weekly update of the menu with newer and exciting delicacies each week. If you opt for Hot Food Delivery, 40 23 will bring your food of choice right to you. Irrespective of nationality, 40 23 food is diverse and you will always find something to remind you of home and you will always come back for the experience.

  1. Digbeth Dining Club (DDC), and Habaneros

The Buckland Club Dinner 19/03/15

Are you looking for a corporate or event venue? DDC offers you the best and affordable spot to carry your event or meeting and get to enjoy their yummy and classy foods and drinks. Come and enjoy the best street food every Friday and Saturday. The experience is worth not forgetting. Home has never been far when you visit DDC.

  1. Rod Roj

Seven Bees Cafe Full English Breakfast

Are you looking for great food and of great value? Rod Roj eatery is rated as on of the best and cheapest quality joints in Birmingham. The restaurant has great traditional food that will leave you scream for more. What is more outstanding of the food is the kebab. It’s not only affordable and delicious but also highly nutritious. You don’t have to be on a diet when in Birmingham. Just visit Rod Roj and have a food experience worth remembering.

  1. Gorilla Coffee Cafe

Gorilla Coffee

If you want the most affordable and nutritious cakes and pastries, look no further than The Gorilla Coffee Cafe. The sandwiches are usually on high demand and you have to do a prior order lest you miss out. The joint is common for breakfast and light dinners


The above mentioned eat joints not only offers you cheap quality food but also cheap quality service. The food experience in these five eateries makes Birmingham a friendly and flexible city for anyone visiting. Just rent a car in Birmingham and visit any of these joints.