Have you ever pulled up Google and searched for the best of something? Of course, you have; we’ve all done it.

Because if we’re going to invest our money in something for our homes, our families, or even for ourselves, we want to bypass all the inferior products out on the marketplace and head straight to the “best” right from the beginning.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve searched for the “best” dishwasher to buy, gone to the “best” Italian restaurant, and found the “best” children’s dentist in my area.

What Makes The Best Facial Cream?

There’s something to be said for “best.”

But what does “best” really mean? And how can you use it to find things more personal to you? Like finding the “best” facial cream?

To find the best, what you’re really searching for is to find the most excellent, the most effective, and the most desirable product you can. Why would we choose a facial cream that does anything but meets that criterion?

Because we want it to be an excellent value for our money. We want it to be effective and do what it’s stated it will do. And we want it to be desirable, providing the necessary essential ingredients to do the job well.

So what does that mean regarding a facial cream?

If you were to sit down right now and list all the things you would love to see in a facial cream, I’m sure your list would be similar to mine.

It should provide powerful ingredients that really work

First and foremost, it should have the necessary ingredients to do an effective job. Even with just a small amount of research, I know that:

  • Vitamin E is essential in supporting healing and skin regeneration. It neutralizes free radicals and provides a powerful protective antioxidant.
  • Vitamin B5 protects the skin against damage. It helps reverse the approaching signs of aging.

Combined, these two vitamins help protect and strengthen skin’s natural barrier, and attract and retain moisture for healthier, younger looking skin.

It should be made from quality ingredients that won’t do more harm than good

Why would you ever want to put harmful chemicals on your skin? Yet with many facial creams, you have no idea what’s really in them.

I’ve gone to the store and read the ingredient lists. In some cases, it’s very difficult to do. What do those big words even mean?

Even after a little bit of searching and thinking, I know there are things I don’t want anywhere near my skin. Things like parabens, phthalates, or even as common of a word as a fragrance. What does the term “fragrance” even mean when mixed into a facial cream?

So I know that for me to select a “best” facial cream, it would have to be free from parabens, no harsh chemicals or irritants, and be fragrance-free. I would also like to see that it hasn’t been tested on animals. And if it uses products that are non-GMO, it would be all the better. Vegan would ensure it uses plant-based materials, which would further assure me on its ability to benefit my skin.

It should be offered at a reasonable price

The thing with facial creams today is you can find one at just about any price point you desire. But what makes a two-figure facial cream different from the one that sells for three-figures? Or the one that sells for four-figures?

And let’s face it, not all of us can afford to spend four figures on a facial cream we’ll have to purchase again and again throughout the year. We have kids to feed, families to take care of, and a mortgage to pay.

We want to know we’ve found a high-quality product at a price we can afford. A price that gives us the confidence to know it’s a first-class product, yet won’t make us every time we bring out the credit card to complete the purchase.

It should be simple

Because really, why should good skin be difficult to achieve?

We live in a modern age where everyone is inventing, testing, formulating, designing, and assessing just about everything. We make major changes in our society by leaps and bounds every day.

We’re changing the way we live from the inside out. We want to not only be healthy, but we want that good health to shine through too. We want it to show, and great skin is the perfect way to do it.

But it shouldn’t be a complex process. It shouldn’t take a scientist to decipher the chemicals, or a cosmetologist to help us with the application.

It should be clean concept all the way through.

It should be ingredients that are good for you – ingredients clinically proven to work, at a pharmaceutical grade. With each ingredient carefully selected to ensure delivery in the easiest, healthiest way possible.

Not too difficult when you put it out there like that, right?

What it should mean to you

At the end of the day, you and I think a lot alike.

We both want to make our lives a little easier. We’re not superwomen. Sure, we run from place to place and multitask every day. But what we ultimately long for at the end of the day is a few moments of quiet time, a good book, and a hot bubble bath.

We both want to know we’ve made the wisest decisions in everything we’ve accomplished. We want to make informed choices and trust them to be the right selections for us.

We both want to feel good about the things we bring into our homes, give to our families, and use for ourselves.

And not having to think about the quality of your facial cream ever again can do just that. It can offer you the peace of mind in knowing you can use it and it does it’s job, every time. It packs a powerful punch of vitamins that give your skin the added glow it needs to carry you through your days. And it’s good for you – actually good for your skin – and proven to work.

Because when it comes to selecting the best facial cream money can buy, what else is there?