If you’re looking to sell your home, you’ll want to do some ground work in order to maximize its value, before putting it on the market. Keep in mind that the buyers will have a large choice of homes to buy, so it’s upon you to offer them something unique, something that will communicate with them. This will make the selling process much quicker, and you might get more money out of it. Go through our list of tips which will help you prepare your home for sale.

Paint Your Walls

Granting your walls a fresh look will go a long way in making your home look more representable. Try the neutral colors, because they will give your potential customers a chance to visualize how to adapt the space to their needs. Painting the exterior is important too and you can always add the cost of it to the total price of your house. First impressions are very important when you’re selling just about anything, especially something big like your house. So make sure that your home is going to make a good first impression.

Fixing and Cleaning

Any minor repairs that need to be done, now’s a good time. Your viewers will most probably want to change the whole interior, but they still want to buy a home from someone who took good care of it, so don’t let anything stand in the way. Fix the floor tiles, fill up any holes in the walls, and remove the carpets if they look overused. If you don’t want to hire cleaning help, here are some cheap and easy tricks to help you clean the house on your own.

Improve Your Front Yard

We said already that first impressions are extremely important, and the front yard is the very thing that will easily leave a good (or bad) first impression. A small investment in your front yard will go a long way to help you increase your estate’s value, get more visitors, and sell it quicker. Make sure to mow up the lawn and cut the brushes, so that your visitors can imagine themselves using your garden. By doing this, you will also achieve that your visitors enter the interior with a positive feeling about your home – and then you’re already half way through.

Declutter Your Home

You might still be living in it, but that’s no reason to keep absolutely everything you had before you decided to sell your house. Create a yard sale if you don’t need the stuff, or if you’re still planning to use it in your new home, move them to a self-storage for a while. There are some great facilities like storage Auckland to help you with this. Don’t overdo it though, you’ll want to keep everything that makes your home look personalized so that your style can affect your potential buyers.

Selling Your Home? List Of Easy Tips That Will Help You

Update Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are extremely important and can sell your house on their own, so do everything you can do make them as appealing as possible.

  • Kitchen – Double check to make sure you’ve removed all the grease from your oven and any surfaces around it. Clean the fridge and throw anything that shouldn’t be in there, in case your visitors decide to open it. Hang the pans and knives on the walls, and try to showcase the functionality of the space.
  • Bathroom – Besides being clean and sparkly, you’ll want to consider replacing the toilet seat and towel racks. Remove any personal items, like toothbrushes, from the view, because they can leave a bad impression even if everything is very clean. Spray air freshener prior to every viewing.


Selling your home can be extremely frustrating and stressful, especially if you’ve got no other alternative but to live in it while you’re selling. That’s why you want to make the process as quick as possible, but still be able to enjoy your everyday lives. If you follow our tips, you’ll hopefully manage to sell your home and get a higher price than normal. Don’t be afraid to invest some money, because it will most likely speed up the whole process and you’ll still get back the whole amount, if not more, when you sell the house.