Technical debt may not have any direct connection to your bank account, but it has some similarities with financial debt. There are some points that can be compared with the conditions that you may need to face while having a financial debt. However, there are some differences too. To understand these factors you need to know what technical debt is and how it can affect your business. Once you understand what technical debt is and how you can receive such kind of debt in your business, then you can easily realize the differences as well as the similarities with financial debt.


Understanding The Basic Scenario : Sometimes, developers prefer to try something easy and fast to meet the deadline. It causes the inefficiency in the entire development project and makes it an imperfect effort. That leads the developers to put much effort in future to make it a perfect one. They have to change the codes to give it a perfect shape. That means they receive a technical debt because of their earlier inefficient and insufficient effort. According to some expert, technical debt is everything that makes the development codes harder to change.

Good Or Bad : Sometimes the sponsors of a project prefer to have a messy and untested code because it takes less time as well as needs fewer costs. When the developers try to develop a code in a hurry to meet the deadline, they do not even spend the time to quality check. However, some sponsors do not bother about these things because for them codes with automated test coverage do not have any direct connections with the real project, and it will not bring any business to them. But at the end of the day, it will affect your business because if the program stops working because of those faulty and messy codes, then you have to answer the users as the developer.

Significant Effects On Your Business : Though some sponsors may encourage you to develop messy and unchecked codes because they want a quick result, but finally it is proven that tech debt is a silent killer for many enterprises. Your quick fix can cost you a huge amount later. Development of too many messy codes can ruin your company slowly. It can be a great idea initially, but slowly it destroys the reputation of your company, as well as your internal programs, will stop working one after another because of that. You may receive system failure on a regular basis in your business.

Comparison With Financial Debt : Messy codes are like huge financial burdens that can affect your entire business slowly. The amount of effort you have to put to refactor the codes can be compared with the principle amount of a financial debt. On the other hand, when the development team has to work to fix those messy codes in future then some extra costs have to be spent, and that can be compared with the interest rate of a financial debt. In both the cases, you must try to repay them as soon as possible to avoid huge problems. You can visit here to get more valid information.