Mocktails are the in-thing in parties, especially in parties catering to children. The good thing about mocktails is their versatility. You can whip up a whole wide range of mocktails with a few syrups and fruit juices. There’s nothing that a few drops of yummy essence won’t do to tingle your taste buds.

If you want to concoct delicious mocktails, you will require a few catering equipment. Here are the five most essential ones you need.


One of the basic equipment that is used to bring smoothness and consistency in a mocktail is a mocktail shaker. Essential to blend all the ingredients and create a smooth drink, shakers are available in numerous shapes and sizes. Besides acquiring the right kind of shaker, you also need to practice using it. The best way to shake is to use short and sharp shaking movements. In any case, follow the instructions that come with the mocktail shaker because the taste of your juice depends on your shaking technique.

Electric Blender

Another must have at a mocktail kiosk is an electric blender. Blenders are used to blend fruit pieces into a pulp. A blender is also used to blend ice creams and thicker syrups that cannot be properly blended in a hand shaker. In fact, mocktail bartenders use electric blender as the initial step and a shaker as the second step in preparing drinks. These blenders bring a creamy smoothness to the drink.


Of course, you need a juicer. A juicer is really help to juice fruits that have seeds or pips. Choose a juicer that effectively separates seeds and pulp from the juice. Juicers also come with inbuilt filters. Depending on the volumes of juices you plan to extract from fruits, you can buy either one or many juicers.

Measuring Tools

When it comes to mocktails, the taste is not defined just by the ingredients used by the quantity and proportion of each ingredient. The more precise you are in measuring the ingredients, the better the taste of your drink. To be precise in your measurements, you need a set of measuring tools.

There are several measuring tools you can use. Some of them are measuring cups and jiggers to get the measurements right. Usually, jiggers are used for alcoholic beverages but they can be very effectively used to measure fruit syrups as well. Your measuring tools are the fundamental equipment you need in a mocktail kiosk.

Scoops and Tongs

Scoops and tongs are essentially used to transfer ice from the ice holder to the glass. When you have a mocktail kiosk, you should not use your hands to handle ice because it is not an hygienic practice. Besides, the heat of your hand will cause the ice to melt. Using scoops and tongs looks more professional too.

In addition to the above mentioned equipment, you need can openers, corkscrews, cutting or chopping board, cotton bar towels, bar spoon, sharp knives and mixing glass. If you like to flavour the drinks with spices, you could also have a grater so that easily grate them into the drink.

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