While releasing a new software program or a new version of the old one, every team tries to make it better by addressing the issues that were present in the earlier versions. In that process, developers try to create new features as well as refactor the issues that are left over from the old release. In that process there are phases that the developers need to cross one after another; alpha, beta, and golden master or GM. The journey from alpha to GM is not smooth ones because of those uncounted bugs that make the life of the developers miserable. You have to make that path as smooth as possible to avoid huge technical debt at the end of the project.

Bugs Are Stubborn : In the process of development, you can reach the phase called alpha when each of the features of your software is ready for testing. When you fixed almost all the bugs in that program, then the phase is called beta. However, the problem lies in another section. When the entire team is busy to reach the beta phase by fixing the already noticed bugs, some new ones appeared slowly in the program and reducing its efficiency. You can call it a chronic issue of every software project. You kill one bug, and two more start making your life miserable.

Zero Open Bugs : To avoid the situation known as tech debt, you should achieve the condition which is known as “zero open bugs”. It is the condition where you fix most of the known issues. The rest you leave for the next release. In that way, you have more and more bugs in your software as a constant process. The bug count is growing rapidly. That can easily cause tech debt to your project. After a while, you realize that all your effort is in vain because you have innumerable bugs that cannot be fixed and that ultimately slow down your software.

Try Agile To Reduce The Debt : To get rid of tech debt you can try agile. In this process, it is ensured that the development team can release a good quality project every time. In the traditional approach, “done” means ready for the QA and not for the release. Here the bugs are slowly creeping in the program and make layers of defects. When you work with Agile teams then “done” means ready to release. In this process, the developers will not shift their concentrate on the next feature until the previous one can go to the hands of the clients successfully.

Follow A Plan To Reduce The Tech Debt : In the traditional process, having tech debt is very normal for the IT firms and that can make business difficult for them. To get rid of this issue, the developers must define the main reasons for having tech debt and try to resolve it as a team. The more time you spend on identifying the debt, the less chance of recovery you can get. You have to look for faster solutions before it gets bigger. In such case debt consolidation loan rates are higher because it can cost your entire team effort. To have better knowledge you can check out for consolidating credit card debt loans online and you will get clear information on how you can go ahead in the best possible manner.