Korean dramas are more popular among girls. Surprisingly, K dramas are also very popular among Hispanic girls throughout the United States! This was very surprising, because they don’t speak Korean at all. Yes, of course, there are subtitles that they can read on. But, most girls in the United States, especially Hispanics, just enjoy the show.

They are attracted to K dramas, in a similar way as most Eastern girls. For Korean drama addicts, there are unspoken things that they cannot describe when they enjoy almost all kinds of Korean dramas, especially dramas with love genre. The next favorable genre is comedy. Most comedy dramas always get good ratings and high selling rate for their DVD collection.

Korean Dramas

Are you one of them? Do you have any idea, why you are also willing to spend hours by sitting in front of your television, only to watch for your favorite Korean dramas? Now, go on reading and find out whether these reasons are reasonable for you, or not.

Good Looking and Romantic Men Lead Roles

Let’s take a look at the lists of the most popular Korean actors this year. Mention some names like So Joong-ki, Rain, Lee Min-ho, Kim Soo-hyun and the list is endless. Now, make a description about their performance. I believe that you would say they are cute and good looking. Yes, the second reason why you love them is their proportional body.

Of course, those reasons are not enough. Good looking guys with perfect skin and body performance mean nothing without showing romantic characters. Yes, this is the first and foremost reason, why girls are crazy for Korean dramas.

Those actors could easily win their lovers’ hearts by sacrificing anything for their love. They don’t speak too much, but they show their pure love through good deeds for their lovers. Warm hugs, shoulders to cry on, are more than enough to melt all girls’ hearts.

Stay Cool, yet Trendy

Trendy hairstyle and outfits represent the fashionable look of most Korean actors. If you happen to take a closer look into their overall performance, you would notice that those actors pay a very close attention to their well-being. Yet, no matter how stylish they are, they still look very cool and trendy.

They don’t leave such an impression of being a transgender, regardless of how they maintain their body and face. This is the next reason, why ladies love to watch Korean actors and dream to meet them someday.

Inspiring Role Models

Korean dramas show more than just cool guys with their flawless performances. But, most girls still love to wait for their favorite actresses. Of course, they are not only pretty, but they are totally talented in acting. Besides, their beautiful faces look perfectly match with their choice of outfits.

Korean Dramas1

But, there is another reason, why those actresses remain as the best role models. On most Korean dramas, the male main role is a rich man, who is in love with poorer girl. But, the girl still remains as how she is supposed to be. Those actresses are not only beautiful, but they can inspire other girls to be themselves, without pretending to look good though they are in love with rich men.

Besides, those girls are hard workers, and they can become the best role models for teens and younger girls to reach their dream. They don’t mind to be a cashier, waiter, baby sitter or a gas station keeper.

The Winner Takes It All

No matter how cliché is a happy ending drama, it is still worth waiting. At least, we can ensure that our favorite actors and actresses don’t end up miserably. Antagonists will finally give up and change their behaviors because of the help from the protagonists, while protagonists will live happily ever after, after suffering for the whole episodes.

Implicit Sexual Scene

Girls love to see romantic scenes between the main characters. Yet, they don’t feel comfortable with explicit sexual scenes, like what most western soap operas show. Regardless on how romantic many kissing scenes in K-dramas, they are still nice to watch and don’t always end up in a sexual intercourse.

So, do all of you agree?