Owning a car can be an expensive affair, especially in this bad economy. The fluctuating fuel prices, insurance rates, MOTs and costs of tyres and maintenance tend to make your pocket lighter. One of the most important aspects of your vehicle is the tyres. They can also add to the extra pounds if not maintained well. Tyres need to be serviced regularly and need constant attention to ensure the durability and efficient usage.  Here are 5 tyre maintenance tips for saving money:

Save Money With 5 Cost-Effective Tyre Maintenance Tips Even In A Bad Economy

1. Keep Them Inflated

Experts say that a well inflated tyre can avoid the car being dragged and saves up to 3% of fuel. Hence, always check that the amount of inflation for your tyres is correct and that they are well inflated to save the money on fuel. The recommended inflation level is different for each vehicle. Check your vehicle’ manual to find out what is the right level of inflation for your vehicle.

2.  Check the Pressure

Keeping the tyres at a low pressure can cause the tyre to wear off prematurely causing you to spend more on a new set of tyres. Check the pressures using a digital pressure gauge to ensure utmost safety. The recommended level of pressure will be mentioned on the decal on or on the pillar of the driver’s door. The right pressure will also save fuel. Make sure you check the pressure when the tyres are cool to get an accurate result.

3. Purchase Tyres after Thorough Research

Consider the terrain you live on before purchasing the tyres. Learn about which type of tyres suit which area the best before making the purchase. This will add to the durability of the tyres and prevent it from premature wear and tear because of the wrong usage. You can get in touch with tyre experts from the manufacturers to determine what kind of tyre will suit your car the best.

4.  Driving and Load

Many a times tyres tend to tear off if the vehicle is carrying more load than required. So check your vehicle and de-clutter to avoid carrying unnecessary load that might over weigh the car.  While driving, smoothly accelerate to keep a check on the fuel consumption; accelerating and driving in a rough manner will also speed up the wear and tear of your tyres.

5. Service Your Tyres Regularly

Make sure you get regular servicing done for your tyres by the manufacturers. Follow the intervals prescribed for the servicing to decide on the best time to get it done. Always make use of the alignment and tracking service available at the local service dealers. Also pay attention to any signs your car might give out like vibrations on the steering wheel for example. Imbalanced and improperly aligned tyres can also cause the vehicle to perform poorly and result in damage. It can also add to the fuel costs.

So go ahead and follow these simple maintenance tips to save money on tyres and for a better fuel economy.

By Azzam Sheikh

This article has been contributed by Azzam Sheikh, a tyre consultant at Tyre-Shopper, UK.