You can see the internet activities and its recording report by using SniperSpy monitoring software in your devices. This software can help your activity in controlling your children and employee. For your children, it can be a parental control for them. On the other hand, you can improve your employee productivity by using this software. Through this monitoring manager, you will allow to block, log or reboot every website in your computer. All the monitoring activities will be recorded via screenshot and it can be saved in your private account. In this case, it is important for obtaining the proof that you will need. Of course, nothing can speak better than an actual proof.

A Simple Tutorial Of SniperSpy

How to Install and Use SniperSpy Monitoring Software

Basically, the SniperSpy installation process is quite simple and easy. All you need is AMD 433 MHz and 64MB RAM or above for the minimum system. There are five basic steps if you want to use this software. Those steps are purchase, register account, login, download and doing the process. If you have purchased this software, you will get the registration code for your account. Just put the code and you will get your private account for this software. In this case, you will not be able to use this software until you register your account.

After registering your private account, you will be able to login to your secure online control panel. In this case, you have to enter the license registration code that has been sent in the email receipt. You can download this software if this process has been processed successfully. Moving to the local installation, all you have to do is login to your online control panel. Click the Download link in the top menu. And then, find the SniperSpy software icon on your computer and double click it. To complete the installation process, just follow the instruction of this step. After the installation, you have to enter your user name and password to sync up the software with your online control panel.

It is quite simple and easy for the installation process. You can follow those steps which were mentioned before. SniperSpy also provide a consumer forum in its official website. You can ask any question in that forum. There is also a contact service especially for you. In this case, just dial the number and your entire question will be answered. You can also use FAQs for the fast respond for your question.

In addition, you will be able to use many updated monitoring features by using this spy manager. Inside your private account, you will see two groups of commands on the left side such as log viewers and tool. Each group contains a specific set of commands. In this case, log viewers feature is used to see all computer activities and internet access from your control panel. Through this feature, you can also block some sites or see the monitoring report of the monitoring process. On the other hand, tools or utilities feature is used to control the password change, system info and uninstall step. Again and again, it is very simple to use SniperSpy as your spy and monitoring software.