The jazz and fun of New Year bashes attract millions of people in India like light attracts moths. They’re fun and happening events that people pay a lot of money for to be a part of every year! However, many people forget an important concept when it comes to selecting how to celebrate New Year’s Eve – Safety.

Safety Matters, Even After A New Year Bash!

Many people suffer minor to very serious damages after they have parties simply because they neglected taking care of simple things. Police and various other local authorities take great pains to make people aware of the dangers they may have to face if they’re not careful, but there is only so much these bodies can do, isn’t it? So here are some tips for those who are planning to hit the most happening New Year parties in Bangalore to make is an exciting yet safe outing:

  1. Select the venue of the party carefully. Be sure that the place is well connected by road and has the basic important amenities close by such as a hospital, police station, etc. The less deserted the place is, the better. If you are having a private party, however, this shouldn’t be a problem.
  2. Choose who you party with carefully. Agreeing to party with people you’ve barely met or known is highly dangerous in these times. Stick with your group even if you go to numerous places to celebrate, and try not to include lesser known people in it suddenly without checking with everyone first. Also, the New Year party should attract the right kind of crowd; so, if you know of places that are known to be through with their guests’ screening, opt for such places even if they may be a little costlier in price.
  3. Make sure you take care of transportation services before you head for the party. In fact, start making plans 15-20 days in advance because there are scores of other party-goers like you who’d have already started making their bookings! If you will be using cab or auto services, then be prepared for long wait times or unavailability because demand will certainly be through the roof at that time! And if you will be driving on your own – drink and drive should be avoided at all costs! It’s time to include that teetotaller you know in your plans, like or not!
  4. Select your food and drinks at the venue carefully. Try as much as possible to get them directly yourself or to get someone you know well to do it for you. Accepting them from strangers is again inviting trouble. Drink and eat those things which you can handle and within limits. You don’t want to be throwing up behind bushes while your friends are dancing the night away, do you?!
  5. Use apps and services such as GPS, ride shares, safety apps, etc. to the maximum. Carry minimal cash and use e-wallets as much as possible to cut down the chance of being robbed.

A few precautionary measures can go a long way in ensuring you, your friends or loved ones will have a safe 31st night! So, get safety-planning right away!

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