In today’s world, owning a lot of assets is both a boon and a bane. With the rate of assault robberies increasing and our peace of mind being shattered by everyday news of home invasion crimes, it has become difficult to leave the house and stay within it without feeling cautious. That needs to be changed; nobody should ever have to feel unsafe in their own home. Thankfully, the advanced home security systems available today offer rich features that allow us the peace of mind that we so desperately need.

One such security system is the video door phone. The typical device consists of four components: a monitor and a phone inside the house, an outdoor unit used by the visitor, and an electronic door lock. Depending on the kind of model of device you opt for, the features may vary. However, the essential function and features of the safety equipment remains the same.

So, what are the ways in which this device will help you?

When there are young children in the house, their safety becomes paramount. It is inevitable that at some point you will need to leave the child/children alone in the house. In such a scenario, you simply have to instruct and explain to your child how to use the door phone. The child can let the visitor (stranger or otherwise) speak into the speaker outside the door, see the face of the visitor, and only then allow them in, or ask them to come later.

For the geriatric senior citizens or physically challenged individuals who have difficulty in moving about, a door phone with video capabilities is a much-needed device. Since the indoor unit can be fit anywhere in the house, you can have it installed in the individual’s room itself. So, when the doorbell rings, the person needn’t get up to check who’s at the door and open it. One look at the monitor and they can punch in the key to open the electronically controlled door.

When you have ordered groceries or there is any other delivery, you can verify the same through the video phone. If you are asked to sign something, you can ask the visitor to hold the document up to the camera to verify its legitimacy, and then safely open the door.

If you are cautious by nature and prefer to check the corridor outside your house before leaving, then a door phone with video is a good idea. You can see if anybody is lurking around outside through the monitor. Once assured, you can safely step outside.

If there is a commotion outside the door such as a dog barking incessantly or people arguing, you can simply check the monitor to know what’s happening without stepping out of the safety of your home.

As the outdoor unit of the safety device is designed to be anti-vandal, you can rest assured that this device will always be there to maintain your peace of mind.