Keeping up with new car prices is tough, and it is now normal to associate the acquisition of a new vehicle with years of payments and compromises. High costs can sometimes delay the buying of a car or make one resort to pre-owned vehicles, which themselves can be a huge liability.

A Swanky New Car - Extra Income

Your New Car – Paying for Itself

Zoomcar’s ZAP initiative, however, is changing the way people buy cars. A shared ownership model, ZAP is based on a very simple premise. When you are buying a new car, you are paying for it even when it sits idle in your parking spot. What if you can share it on a reliable platform when you don’t need it, in exchange for money? With ZAP, you can list your new vehicle on the Zoomcar platform and earn up to 20000 rupees a month. Now that will certainly help negotiate those EMIs.

Buy a New Car with ZAP

Zoomcar can help you get special deals on new cars. With a trusted nationwide presence, the company enjoys partnerships with India’s top car manufacturers like Maruti, Tata, Ford, Mahindra and Hyundai. You can also avail from a choice of finance providers and enjoy a fair car loan interest rate. With these provisions, you are already saving money before the actual car listing begins.

Simple and Transparent

The listing process is app-based, so you do not have to be present to interact with customers. Transparent billing ensures that you have the full insights into what you are getting paid for. With GPS, you can keep track of your car at any time, and ZAP also gives you access to a 24/7 customer care helpline. You have total control in this shared ownership model and can share your car in the hours that you decide.


In keeping with regulatory requirements, your new car will have to be registered as a commercial vehicle with Zoomcar, which enables the company to cover all the liabilities when it is being listed. That means you have no worries about the costs in case your car is damaged. The car also needs to be installed with Cadabra, cutting edge software that monitors car health and usage, giving you constant alerts. With Cadabra, you can minimise maintenance spending with timely preventive measures.

Car ownership has never been so accessible and convenient. People in cities across India are taking advantage of this win-win situation, where they can own a dream car and reduce the costs of payment drastically. Choose ZAP and enjoy the privileges of car ownership with some extra income.