Remote controlled (RC) electric cars, trucks, ships, and aircrafts are a hobbyist’s delight. They ensure fun and entertainment along with knowledge of electric motor systems. To achieve fantastic speeds and precise control, Try our latest GoolRC Brushless Motor for your favourite model cars and other vehicles. The RC car electric motors offered by us have a long lifetime, low cost, and very few maintenance overheads in terms of repairs or replacement of parts.

Model cars and remote controlled toy vehicles are colourful, attractive, and easy to operate. The various brands offer different types of RC cars for home use, on road, and off-road usage. The RC car is only good as its electric motor as speed and control are very important in its operation. Electric motors are available in two distinct types known as brush motors and brushless motors. The brushless motors offer high quality and efficient performance for your favourite electric car. Our upgraded GoolRC Brushless Motor are a perfect fit for the 1/10 RC cars as they have attractive and powerful features. Propel your RC car to higher speeds with enhanced power performance, low maintenance costs, and reduced energy consumption. The clean and green brushless electric motors have throttle linearity, strong breaks, fantastic acceleration, and enhanced throttle response.

The RC car electric motors have been carefully designed to ensure maximum conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy. The rotor has been engineered to offer precise balance, smoothness, and maximum RPM without loss in quality over extended periods of time. The pure copper windings and high quality aluminium alloy parts maximize efficiency and can withstand wear and tear with effectiveness. In addition, The brushless motors are clean and green as they consume very little extra energy to power the electric cars. Keep the battery charged at regular intervals, and utilize the ESC controller to obtain the perfect balance between speed and control.  The motor responds very fast to throttle input, and the 4 pole high torque design offers the best reliability. There is sufficient ventilation for heat dissipation, and you do not have to bother about gas or other issues related to nitro motors.

The GoolRC Brushless Motor weighs very little at 148 grams, but packs a punch when powering your RC cars to greater and greater speeds. The stator magnets have super thin laminations, and the oversized bearings with high RPM do not require more than 66 A of current. The brushless motors have many added advantages as compared to the brushed electric motors. There is no sparking, electric noise, or overheating, and you do not have to worry about wear and tear, which is symptomatic of brushed motors. In addition, The computerised transistor technology factors in the motor speed to offer precise control. The high initial costs of brushless motors are easily offset by greater efficiency over longer periods of usage.

Whether you are an amateur hobbyist or an expert, RC car electric motors deliver top performance without any voltage drops or friction. For more information on design, products, prices, and orders, Call our support desk today. We will be glad to assist with any sort of enquiries, requests, or questions.