The possibility ofa building project to succeed will depend largely on the quality of The AEC Associates Architectural Construction Documentation to make sure that a smooth, error-free construction process happens.

Architectural construction documentation can vary from a set ofbasic drawings with hardly any or no specification, right through to a set of entirely complete drawings and comprehensive, detailed specifications and diverse schedules. It’s the responsibility of the project team to select the type of Architectural construction documentation to be granted to the principal contractor and other partners.

Two Basic Types

Prior to looking at the advantages of having superior Architectural construction documentation ready for a building project, let’s take a look at what comprises of a documentation set. It constitutes primarily two basic types:

  • A collection of construction drawings which contain different drawings with dimensions, notes, details and other necessary information in graphic form.
  • Specifications containing detailed instructions and information, not commonlydisplayed on the drawings for the construction team. These contain written information about the quality and kind of materials, standards, differing schedules, and choices explicitly for the project.

And now let’s take a look at the advantages offered by quality Architectural construction documentation for different partners.

For the Owners of the Building

Construction documentation set is security and a safeguard for the building owners as it specifies in particular detail the products, materials and the procedures to be appliedto the construction of the building. This will ensure that the contractor or sub-contractors will not be able to deviate from the original arrangements without the consent of the owner. A quality documentation also guarantees that there is theleast amount of wastage of time and resources. For top quality professionals, B|M Outsourcing provideCAD drafting services in Dubai & UAE wide.

Concerning the Contractor

The construction documentation set allows the contractor to be absolutely clear about all details regarding the scope of the work and materials. There are less chances of any kind of confusion and mistakes on the building site due to there being every minute detail about the dimensions, materials and construction procedures easily available to the main contractor and sub-contractors. They also have the benefit from the documentation in the sense that they can then, should they see fit, change their rates if the owner wishes to make any significant changes.

Regarding other Partners

Professional architectural construction documentation is used by other partners, such as structural and other consultants, sub-contractors who are responsible for individual elements, and even by district, city or state authorities or private certifiers with the authority to approve building plans and then later on, the completed building.

The job of Architectural CAD services is finished once the building is given over to the owner (or operator) and not that long afterwards the building after some more tweaking will be open for everyday operations.