When you are planning to construct a building what is the first thing that you do? You prepare a blueprint of the structure that is being constructed. Thereafter you lay the foundations and start with the construction process which is guided by the blueprint that you have. Same applies when you are creating a website. A PSD is the blueprint of the website that is being developed.

When you want a custom made WordPress powered website the best option is to create a PSD file first and then go for converting the file to WordPress. To get your customized WordPress website you need to hire a WordPress developer who can make the best use fo his skills to bring out the best. You get to hire WordPress developer from wordpress-web-development.com and many such web development companies who offer the service of outsourcing their WordPress developers.

Let me take you through the basic process that happens when a PSD file is being converted to WordPress.

1. A WordPress developer should be well acquainted with the slicing of PSD files. He should know how to slice the static image into banner, logo, body and link as this would ease out the coding process. This is the first and foremost step that would take you to other steps quite effectively.

2. Once you are done with slicing the next step is to convert the PSD file to HTML and CSS. The files are converted to make them compatible with all the web browsers on which they are being accessed. This will help in getting you a better search engine ranking so that you could get yourself noticed by the google crawlers.

3. During this conversion process make sure that you adhere to all the rules and regulations laid out by the World Wide Web Consortium. When your website is W3C compliant you get the privilege of being reliable as your website could be accessed on each and every web browser.

4. After slicing, converting to HTML and CSS the final step would be to integrate all the files into the content management system. Once this entire integration process is complete one need not bother about touching the backend codes. All you need is to just sit back and watch the work that you have done.


The above mentioned are the basic process that makes the conversion of PSD to WordPress a complete process. It is always good to hire a person who is expert in his field so that you do not end up in a mess. A WordPress website is the current trend that is ruling the market. Get a WordPress powered website and be ready for getting popular.