Metropolis cities across the world have always been the cynosures due to their various astounding flavors in terms of history, cultures, lifestyles, food and etc. Zooming in a little bit, the Arab world should not be left unspoken when it’s about the remarkable history, lavish lifestyle, firm cultural values and a perfect combo of yum and appetite. Leaving the countless number tourists flabbergasted and simply speechless with its magnificence, Cairo has turned out to be the most attractive spots in the Arab World. For ultimate travel adventure of the Arab world, you can try and book flights from Jeddah to Cairo before moving on to other destinations.

5 Reasons For Why You Should Visit Cairo In 2017

Since you have been pepped up with inspirational travel glitches, let’s delve in further;

Stunning Historical Spots

Travel can be crave but in Cairo, it’s simply a craze. The most attractive thing about Cairo that gets millions of tourists flattered is the Pyramids. Visit to Cairo is not complete until and unless you visit the Egyptian Desert where you can find many Pyramids. There are numerous Pyramids in the Egyptian desert but the most heart-throbbing ones are Pyramids of Giza, Queens Pyramids, Pyramid of Menhaure and the Pyramid of Khufu.

In addition, it would be great if you are ready for further breath taking moments. It might get you few more hours of drive but you must visit the Valley of Kings and Queens.


If you are willing to experience the true essence of Arab Culture, you are heading to the right place, that’s Ciaro. In fact, Cairo happens to have really firm roots of its traditional values that’s exhibited by their lifestyle and hospitality. Tourists that visit Cairo have reported that they were treated like a family and that was none other than a great admiral for them.

Cairo City is very well known for its hospitality and everyone there is really happy to treat tourists like they are always welcome. While talking about the culture, how can the art and music be left unspoken? Music style of Cairo is based upon the instruments that are known to be astounding enough to leave the ears mesmerized. Instruments like flutes, Stringed-oud and harps show up as the prominent ones. Let the Arabic rhythm and beats make you feel like dancing. Moreover, Cairo is good enough to amaze you with performances of belly dance and toes tapping to the Arabic beats.


With over 100 mammal species, Cairo has been a great attraction for tourists who love to discover wildlife. In fact, visitors are most likely to discover animals that they might not find at their places across the world. While fronting different yet rare species in the Cairo, tourists happen to experience one of the breath-taking moment. They realize that how amazingly the nature has designed the entire wildlife keeping up with the differences of their species and structures. Some of the mammals that you are likely to front usually in Cairo are camels, Nubian Ibex, ostriches, giraffes, gazelles and sand cats. If you are lucky enough, you may even get to spot the Fennec, the world’s smallest fox.


Empty Stomach won’t surely help you travel such a beautiful place. It’s time to order mouth-watering fragrant dishes like Kushari, which is a dish made of rice, macaroni noodles and lentils. How about some local cuisine that pretty good at teasing the taste buds. Cuisine that are most likely to leave you stuck with an uncontrollable crave are baba ghanoush, falafel and tahini.

In a nutshell, Cairo is finely enriched with great history, culture, food and lifestyle that don’t just attract tourists but inspire them as well. It’s your turn now to pack your bags and take a memorable trip to Cairo.


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