If you have suffered a personal injury and want to make a compensation claim, you may feel that you need to make sure the injury you have suffered is eligible for a compensation claim under personal injury law. There is actually a huge amount of variety when it comes to personal injury, and as long as an injury has actually been suffered both physical and psychological then you should be able to make a claim for compensation. However, there are some types of personal injury cases that are most commonly seen.

Accidents at Work

Thousands of people every year make successful compensation claims for accidents that have occurred in the workplace. However, this is not just limited to employees who work in high risk environments such as building sites or factories. Any person who suffers a personal injury as a result as an accident at work that wasn’t their fault will be eligible to make a compensation claim no matter their occupation. Claims can also be made if an injury has been suffered whilst the victim was carrying out their duties but they were not actually in their place of work at the time.

Personal Injury Law: Types Of Personal Injury

Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls can arise from tripping on a broken pavement, falling from a ladder or even slipping on a wet surface, and can take place in any environment. A claim of this nature can be made against an organisation or an individual. This kind of accident is especially common in areas with poor street maintenance and it is also a common occurrence in the workplace.

Medical Negligence

Unfortunately medical negligence cases are becoming more and more common, and compensation can be claimed for any negligence from a medical professional including cosmetic surgery procedures. Compensation claims can be made against a range of healthcare providers including national health hospitals and private hospitals, as well as individuals practising in these establishments. Medical negligence compensation cases are especially complicated and do often require the assistance of a qualified personal injury solicitors Bolton who has extensive experience in the area.

Road Traffic Accidents

Road Traffic Accidents are one of the most common types of accidents that victims of personal injury compensation claim for every year. Thousands of people every year are involved in road traffic accidents, and sometimes they are just accidents and there is no one to blame, but when there is someone at fault, the victim has the right to make a compensation claim. The types of personal injury that can be sustained from a road traffic accident are widely varied, including, head injuries, whiplash, spinal injuries, back injuries, broken bones, internal organ injuries, and soft tissue injuries. As well as following the trauma of being involved in a road traffic accident many victims will encounter emotional difficulties such as increased fear and anxiety, as well as possibly an avoidance of cars and roads, all of which can significantly affect their life.