There are actually things we could do to improve our situation, although we are dealing with debt problems. In many cases, we use money to complete specific tasks. As an example, we don’t need to call plumbers if we know how to repair our plumbing. We should be able to complete many tasks at home without asking for others’ helps, especially from professionals who could charge significant amount of fee for their services. By allocating an additional time and effort to deal with specific problems, we should be able to save a lot of money. This is especially true if we don’t have enough money that can last for the whole month. In fact, many billionaires, such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had limited resources when they started their business. However, they focused more on various digital products and hired capable employees, instead of focusing on things like accounting and marketing. Eventually, they create revolutionary products that could market themselves. This also applies with Facebook, Amazon and eBay.

This strategy could also be applied by homeowners and in this case, we should choose solutions that can automatically solve themselves. By creating quick solutions at home, we will be able to immediately solve problems without asking for helps from external professionals. This could include learning useful skills and preparing tools that we could use quite frequently. In this case, we will be able to steadily reduce our expenses that we originally allocate for repairing and maintaining many items. This will discourage us to spend more money and we will be able to avoid applying for loans used for specific purposes. In general, people are able to avoid loans, because they are able to save significantly using different methods. Other thing we could do is by choosing public transportation, instead of using our cars. If our home is too far from the nearest public transportation facility, we could drive to the nearest facility with the car. This will save gas and we won’t need to apply for a loan if we could save more than $1,500 each year.

If we need to purchase something, but we still don’t have enough money, it is a good idea to save money. We should be able to speed up the process by working part time. It is a bad thing to spend 12 months to completely pay off our brand new gadget. Instead, we should try to work for 12 months before we purchase the item. In fact, we could get slightly more money by accumulating our money in savings account. The amount we get could be quite trivial, but the total amount could be quite significant after one year. This should help us to cover expenses related to purchases and we could avoid debts. By having side jobs, we should be able to eliminate stress related to item purchases and loans. Saving money is a much better habit than applying for loan. It is a constructive habit and if we could expand the habit, it is possible for us eventually gain wealth.