These days, you can never be too safe. With the state of the economy and societal unrest, it can be easy to run into danger when you go out at night. Indeed, before going to a club, you want to consider a number of safety factors that will help keep you safe. If you don’t consider these factors, you may put yourself into a vulnerable position. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman – there are dangers lurking late at night that can put anyone at risk. This is especially the case in the middle of cities – as there becomes less and less people on the street, it becomes easier for criminals to commit crimes – there is usually less police presence around too. Fortunately, by taking various steps, you can go out to nightclubs and come home safe and sound – without sacrificing an ounce of fun. Here is how to stay safe when you go to a nightclub.

  1. Bring a friend – you never want to walk to a club alone and you don’t want to walk home from a club alone. When it comes down to it, having a friend with you inside the nightclub is also safer than going alone. This is essentially called “the buddy system” and it will help you stay out of harm’s way when you are trying to have fun.
  2. Know where you are going – the last thing you want is to get lost on your way to the club and on your way home from the nightclub. You can usually use your smartphone to map directions. Indeed, you may not want to have your phone out, so you want to keep it in your pocket and try to memorize the next few steps. Knowing exactly where you are going will help you avoid wandering down those dark, deserted streets.
  3. Take a cab home if you are out too late and under the influence – the last thing you want is to walk home alone when you are in a vulnerable position. Moreover, you don’t want to drive, because you could increase your risk for a collision. Indeed, driving while you are under the influence could cause you to get into an accident that could injury or kill someone – including yourself.
  4. Let people know where you are – if you are heading to Lafayette’s Music Room, you want to text at least five friends to let them know. If you do get lost or if you don’t make contact with your friends later on, they will know that something is wrong. You don’t need to alarm anyone – you just want to send a friendly reminder.
  5. Never leave your drink’s side – just like you wouldn’t leave your bag unattended at an airport, you never want to leave your drink at a club. Spiking is a major issue in clubs – if you turn your head for an instant, you may get spiked. In the end, you should keep your glass in your hand at all times.