Dubai. What’ve you heard about it? Do you know that this is one the most unique, fantastic and extraordinary places not only of the UAE but of the whole world? “The very first”, “the highest”, “the deepest”, “the most expensive” and “the most luxurious” – all these words accurately describe Dubai. Indeed, where else can you see a seven-star hotel, visit the amazing man-made islands or climb the world’s tallest building?

Well, Dubai is really an amazing destination which offers a nice mixture of super-modern buildings, wonderful beaches and breathtaking adventures.

So, if you’re going to travel to this fascinating city soon, we can advise you how to plan your trip. Just follow the next important aspects and make your weekend in Dubai easy, enjoyable and unforgettable…

  1. Choose the best time for your trip

Actually, you can set offto Dubaiatany time of the year. The water temperaturenever drops below23degrees, and the average daytime temperature is alwaysabove 20 degreeseven in winter.

Perfect Weekend: 5 Tips To Fully Enjoy Dubai

In summer,from July to August, it is very hot in the UAE and the air temperature can reach even 50degrees above zero. So, it’s not recommended to visit Dubai at this time of the year, especially if you travel with your children.

In winter, from December to February, the temperature can drop to 20C above zero in the afternoon and to 10C at night. February is the “coldest” month in the UAE but, this is a perfect period for sunbathing.

Generally, the high season in Dubai begins from September and continues till May. So, the best time for your trip is autumn and spring. Summer trips are not recommended because of the heat and high air humidity, but this is the most successful period for those who like water sports and want to save money, as the prices at this time are usually lower.

  1. Don’t forget to take all the required clothing and accessories

This is a very important issue, especially if you’re going to visit the UAE for the first time. Dubai isextremelyhot and sunnycity, therefore the first thing you shouldn’t forget is the sunscreenwith a high degreeof protection.

The next issue – clothing. Of course, light shorts and a T-shirt is the best solution when the air temperature reaches 30 degrees above zero. But you should remember that the UAE is a Muslim country and woman can even be arrested for very open clothing.   So, when choosing clothes for your trip, give your preference to more closed garments of neutral colors. If you’ve decided to spend some time at the beach, take a bathing suit. Comfortable shoes and the sunglasses are also must be included into your list. And don’t forget a headdress, if you don’t want to get sunstroke.

  1. Decide what transport you will use in Dubai

Perfect Weekend: 5 Tips To Fully Enjoy Dubai

Actually, Dubai features a well-developed system of public transport presented by buses and metro. Public transport is very popular among locals, and it always very crowded. Of course, this is not what you’ve dreamed of. So, if you want to travel with comfort and be independent from buses or metro, you can also pick up a rental car in Dubai – another prevalent city transport.  In this case, you must have a valid international driver’s license and your age must be at least 21.

  1. Find the most suitable accommodation

The right choice of the hotel is one of the major issues in your trip. What are the main criteria when searching for accommodation? Right you are –where it’s situated and how many “stars” it has. The location of your hotel you must select according to the purpose of your trip. So, let’s consider the most common cases:

  • If you’re going to visit Dubai for shopping, you shouldpay attention to thehotels locatedin the city center. You can also try to find hotelslocatednearmajor shoppingcenters, such as “The Mall of the Emirates”, “Ibn Batuta Mall”, “The Dubai Mall”,
  • If you want to spend your weekend lying on the beach and enjoyingfascinating views of thePersian Gulf – search for hotels inthe coastal area of Al The main differencebetween them- their price: the closerto the sea, the more expensive.
  • If you like sightseeing and entertainment, you can choose any hotel located not far from the Dubai city center focusing only on the price.

Perfect Weekend: 5 Tips To Fully Enjoy Dubai

  1. Prepare to check out the most popular sights of Dubai

As you know, Dubai is rich in unique attractions and even if you’re not a big fan of sightseeing, you shouldn’t miss the following of them:

“Burj Khalifa” – an 829-meters-high building and the tallest single-standing construction in the world.

“Ski Dubai” – an amazing ski resort located right in the desert.

“Dubai Fountain” – the most beautiful and also the largest singing fountain you’ve ever seen.

“Wild Wadi Waterpark” – an enormous water park with more than 25 incredible rides.

“Ferrari World Park” – the world’s largest theme park of the Ferrari brand.

Perfect Weekend: 5 Tips To Fully Enjoy Dubai

Well, and now you’re finally ready to visit Dubai. We expect you’ll get lots of incredible emotions and manage to avoid any confusing situations during your trip.