Croatia has become quite popular tourist destination in the past few years. With an incredibly long coastline combined with an array of cultural and historical sights and traditions, it is a perfect destination for travelers who would like to experience something unique and different. With Mediterranean climate being predominant in the coastal area, it’s not a coincidence that many take advantage of the great number of sunny days to immerse themselves into carefree traveling through many coastal cities of this beautiful country. Not a strange decision, since each city or small town offers something different and unique.

Road tripping is not something that is done by many visitors of this beautiful country, but it’s definitely something that you should consider. It’s an interesting way of enjoying the coast at your own pace, and getting to know country on the more personal level. Driving on the local roads scattered throughout the entire coast offers incredible and ever-changing panoramic views, and who knows, maybe you’ll discover a hidden gem of a place you would have missed otherwise. Further on, we’ll try to introduce you to few cities that shouldn’t be missed on your journey.


Rijeka Croatia

For starting point, why not choose Rijeka. Well known for being an important seaport, Rijeka is easily accessed by the sea, has its own airport and great car rental services. It is also a perfect city for art lovers, with one of the most prominent Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in the country, along with highly esteemed exhibitions – all open for visitors. Not to be missed is the Trsat Castle – remains of the city’s fortification situated on top of a hill overlooking the entire bay. Rijeka is a vibrant urban center offering incredible sights and a dynamic nightlife. It is also famous for the local Carnival when thousands of locals dress up and take over the city streets.


Sibenik Croatia

This cultural gem is one of the oldest cities of Croatia. Identifying the historical heritage of the city, here stands the breathtaking Cathedral of St. Jacob, built by Giorgio de Sebanico – a famous Croatian architect. An incredible variety of churches, monasteries, palaces and fortresses are waiting for you to stop by and explore. Or you can simply relax here and enjoy the long pebbly beaches and experience lovely local traditions first hand. While here it is also good idea to visit national parks Krka and Kornati, since both are located in the near vicinity.


Split Croatia

Not too far from Sibenik is the largest city of Dalmatian region – Split. This gem of Mediterranean is filled with historic riches such as temples, squares and ancient Roman walls. Along with crystal clear sea and sun of course. While in Split, be sure to visit the Old Town, followed by the Diocletian’s Palace – an impressive architectural monument of the Roman Empire. Also, do not miss other diverse cultural activities the city has to offer, such as museums and many theater performances. Over 1700 years old, this impressive city is one of the most versatile places to visit while taking a road trip and visiting Croatia.


Makarska Croatia

Makarska is one of many less known, but still beautiful towns, filled with Franciscan monasteries and other cultural vestiges, combined with numerous natural wonders to balance things out. It was a harbor that once protected sailors and merchants, and today it is known as perfect destination for a beach holiday. Makarska also offers dynamic nightlife with numerous clubs and restaurants. Be sure to experience fishing and wine making, and also try locally made olive oil while enjoying the local cuisine. And don’t forget to relax in the shade of many pinewood forests this area is known for.


Dubrovnik Croatia

As the ending point of your road trip point, why not chose city of Dubrovnik, located at the farthest southern part of Croatian coast. This impressive medieval city, famous for being on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, offers endless opportunities for exploration and indulging in historical sights. Whether it be visiting the monumental city walls or slowly walking through the main street Stradun, Dubrovnik is a magical ancient place with a wide array of palaces and churches to visit. Be sure to visit the Cathedral of Assumption and witness many of its ancient relics and treasures. This city and its architecture is one of the best and strongest examples of classical medieval fort buildings in these parts of Europe.

These are just some of the places you shouldn’t miss while in Croatia. If you wish to explore the country even further, you can charter catamaran and sail to some of the many islands this country has to offer. It is a guarantee that you will bring home some wonderful memories.