For the health of room occupants and the general appearance, clean carpets are fundamental. Dirt, dampness, and stains on a carpet cause an unbearable living atmosphere. Carpet cleaning can be done in several methods which correspond to the extent of dirt. Below are the commonest methods.

The 4 Common Carpet Cleaning Techniques

1. Shampooing

It is also referred to as steam cleaning. Hot water and detergent is used. After a room and carpet are prepared, the shampoo solution is made as per the instructions. Prepare the solution according to the directions on the bottle. Ideally, the water container is filled with water and detergent added. Excess soap should be avoided so as not to spoil the machine or the carpet. It is safer to use a smaller percentage of soap than the stipulated amount. Basically, the cleaner contains a factory-built heating core which maintains the hotness of the water. It is essential to follow the product descriptions before buying a carpet shampooer. The carpet need not be disturbed after cleaning.

2. Spot Cleaning

In this method, white fabric is used. Avoid clothes with dyes or colored patterns to prevent staining of the carpet. Un-patterned paper towels are also good cleaning materials. Fresh stains must be dealt with first and then proceed to tougher ones. Brushes and bristles must be avoided so as to secure the carpet’s fibers. This method is suitable for fresh stains and on small surface areas. Normal detergents can be used in this case as far as they are effective for the kind of stain at hand. Hydrogen peroxide can be applied on dry stains before cleaning with a detergent. For set stains, vinegar solution is a good remedy.

3. Vacuuming

In order to effectively vacuum a carpet, objects that obstruct the vacuum cleaner must be removed: things like metal, coins and plastics. Correct vacuuming is done in both vertical and horizontal manner, then from left to right. Cleaning in all directions guarantees that all carpet fibers are cleaned. Vacuuming should be done regularly and more often if there are any pets in the house. Note that hair and dander removal is one of the main objectives of vacuuming and the larger the number of pets, the higher the frequency of cleaning becomes.

4. Mess prevention

Dirtying stuff should be removed from the carpet. There are some carpet materials such as textiles which are harder to wash than others like tiles. This is why you find people avoiding carpets in kitchens and dining areas. To avoid foods and drink messes, eating should be done mostly in areas without carpets. Another way to prevent dirt on carpets is by taking off the shoes before passing through or standing on a carpet. Walking on a carpet with dirty shoes only causes dirt tracking and soiling on the carpet. Pets can also be trained on proper hygiene to prevent accidental spots on the carpets.

When using any of these methods, down-pressing movements should be applied rather than side-to-side scrubbing.

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