Here in Canada the winters are long and punishing. That means that when summer arrives we take advantage of every minute of sunshine and fun that we can. Canadians are rediscovering one of the original and best summer pastimes with axe-throwing parties and axe-throwing leagues. You heard that right; axe-throwing parties are becoming a favorite summer pastime of Canadians all over thanks to axe-throwing leagues.

An axe-throwing league is a place, usually established by an axe-throwing aficionado, where other axe-throwing enthusiasts can meet on a regular basis and practice their axe-throwing skills, while also competing against other axe-throwers of varying experience. There are official axe-throwing rules, as well as safety measures that make sure no one gets hurt, everyone is respected and has a fun time.

Nothing Says Summer Fun Like An Axe-Throwing Party

Axe-throwing leagues also offer their space for axe-throwing parties. Axe-throwing parties are often how amateur axe-throwers get their first taste of one of the oldest sports. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as raising an axe above your head and chucking it at a target that then yields to its sharp blade. Many a first time axe thrower as marveled at how fun it is and then wonder what took them so long to throw an axe. This is a typical and oft head remark and leads to many repeat visits to the axe-throwing league. It’s called getting hooked.

Axe-throwing leagues also make it possible to enjoy the sport year round. So you don’t have to wait until the snow clears to book your first or your follow-up axe-throwing party. Traditionally axe-throwing parties would be held outdoors, at a country fair, or some similar place where settlers would go to have fun. In the wintertime a settler family or group of friends could set up a target in one of their barns and compete to see who could land the most bulls-eyes on a target. That’s the experience that an axe-throwing league such as BATL (Backyard Axe Throwing League) provides. You can learn how to throw an axe at BATL, book an axe-throwing party or join an axe-throwing league in Canada, with locations and growing legions of axe-throwing enthusiasts in Toronto, Yorkdale, Pickering, Kitchener, Ottawa, and Calgary.

Nothing says bonding like a fun new experience where you compete but it’s all in the spirit of good fun. Now that summers almost here, gather up a few of your most adventurous friends and book an axe-throwing party. You’ll be glad you did.