It was also scorching sun and sweat clogged collars till we reached Manali. The real tour started from Manali to Khardng La. This meant we had to cross four passes that were about 4000 meters and more above the sea level. The climate changed immediately. We started clutching our jackets for any extra heat. When we crossed the Rohtang pass, we found a lot of tourists there enjoying adventure sports. We spent a few hours there and started towards Ladakh. The roads started to become narrower from Tandi. We crossed Bhaga River and travelled towards Keylong. Due to time constraint, we did not get any closer to the river and stayed on our route.

We reached Keylong and rested there for the night to start our ride to Khardung La pass. It was my first trip to Ladakh and one of my friends who had already been to Ladakh said that riding Khardung La is not an easy task as winter is nearing. The water crossings were very fast and the temperature was very low. It was a real adventure to reach Sarchu. We entered every tea stall that we could find on the route. The nights were even more horrible with the wind and chillness.

Next day, we reached Ladakh by early afternoon. We had pre-booked all amenities through a reliable travel agent Travelogy India and thus, everything was on routine. We had our share of sightseeing before we started for other passes. Pangong Tso Lake was my favourite. Though we had plans for camping there for a night, we started early to Leh.

We stayed in Thiksey for three days and travelled to all surrounding areas like Marsimik La, Khardung La and others. We then travelled to Srinagar and spent the rest of our vacation enjoying Jammu and Kashmir before boarding a flight back in Delhi.

As a first time visitor to Leh Ladakh, here are my top activities that everyone visiting Ladakh for the first time should experience.

  1. It is important to take up all adventure activities here. At the same time, do not forget to enjoy the scenic beauty of each place. The crystal lakes, colourful mountains and other landscapes would make a perfect romantic destination.
  2. Are you a foodie? You ought to try momos, yak’s cheese and butter tea here. The Ladakh cuisine is an exotic one and you ought to enjoy it.
  3. No matter which season you plan to trip Ladakh, there would be some local festival happening. Make sure to watch the celebration. The colourful and relishing dance and other celebrations would trigger happiness in you.
  4. Spend some time in monasteries and gompas. You can find antiques, manuscripts and other unique items here. You can also witness many strange rituals that happen daily here.
  5. There are a few luxurious hotels in Ladakh. But, you can enjoy the place better if you choose some homely lodging which helps you to enter their customs. Enjoying the local culture is another adventure here.

Everyone should visit this place once in their lifetime. It is a great exploration and relaxing place you can find in this country.