While traveling through Europe, Rome was a definite stop for me. With a rich long history and many historical sights still standing to visit, there is no limit what you can see, do, and most importantly: taste! I am a huge foodie so a trip to the land of pasta, olive oil and gelato was like being in heaven. Not a corner could be turned without something delicious to try.

When I think of Rome, I imagine the huge Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain, and the Sistine Chapel. All of these remarkable sites are necessary when taking a trip to Rome. When you visit the Coliseum or Sistine Chapel, be prepared to stand in line. My husband and I stood in line for nearly an hour in the full Roman sun to get to walk through. Thankfully there was plenty to see outside of the attractions and other tourists to chat with whilst waiting in line.

When we got to the Trevi Fountain it was dusk. I think that is the perfect time to stop by as the lights were turned on and it was a beautifully romantic scene for my husband and me as newlyweds. Wondering around we also found hundreds of tiny and huge churches alike. All of them elaborately decorated with stained glass, porcelain and gold. Whether it was real gold or not, I am not sure.

If there is one suggestion to make it is bring water. There are many grocery stores you can drop into and grab big bottles. It’s cheaper than buying from the guys selling water out of coolers by the side of the road. In many restaurants we ordered the house wine as it was often cheaper than drinking bottled water. It’s a good thing we were on vacation and could enjoy wine with lunch.

Speaking of food, did I mention I love it? One of the best ways to experience the true food culture of Rome is through the Food Tour Rome. The great thing about the tour is there are both day and evening tours that can fit any schedule. On the Food Tour Rome, the foods eaten are quintessential to a true Italian experience. I got to have real Italian pizza, pasta and wine. The tour guide was also amazing explaining the history of food and from where it was derived. The best part was definitely the artisanal Gelato. The Secret Food Tour Rome makes eating a variety of Italian food easy because the planning is done for you. The less work I have to do, the better.

Rome is an incredible place. It seemed that a week was not long enough. Though, perhaps living there permanently is the only way to really experience all there is to do and see in the great city. Although, being surround by all of the food daily would probably not do my waistline any favors. Even with all my husband and I saw and did, I would still love to go back one day.

Giovanni – passionate traveller.