Around 2yrs to 3 and a half, most parents are beginning to look at the option of finding a bigger bed for their kids. But some may hesitate, thinking that it’s too soon to move their still small child to a toddler bed. If you are unsure whether or not it is time, here are the significant factors that can help you make the transition.

You should consider the following four factors:

  • The safety of your child in the new bed
  • Are there any babies on the way?
  • Costs and Convenience of setup
  • Different bed types

Safety should be a top concern.

Once a child reaches 35 inches, they will be able to climb out of the crib on their own. Small children are curious, and their building strength will allow them to spread their wings and explore much easier than before. It is exciting for them to attempt new things, but this also means they are placing themselves in potential danger.

If your child is constantly attempting to escape the confines of their crib, they could easily fall head first onto the floor below, or get themselves caught between the railings. It is not a matter of if they will get hurt, but when; therefore, in the case, it is definitely time to switch your child to a larger toddler bed.

With this new freedom comes a whole set of potentially new adventures for your young one. Once you have decided to make the shift, consider how you are going to safeguard your toddler’s room, along with the entire house. It will be easy that you’ll have to add a child protection handle on the inside of their very own door, at least till your child knows nighttime exploring is not an option.


Are you expecting a new baby soon? Remember that changing your toddlers sleeping arrangements can be an adjustment phase for them just as much as you. You will want to begin this shift long before a new child enters the equation, at least two months before, if not more.

You can make the experience fun for your toddler. For instance, when the new bed gets to the house, you can find small tasks to give to your child that will allow them to help with assembly. Even if you are simply giving them plastic play tools, this will build excitement for the final product.


When searching new cheap beds, do not forget to search other safety options that you may need as well, such as safety railing, the type of bedding, and safety locks. Just because one option may be cheaper, doesn’t mean your child will be better off. The same amount of time and effort you spent while searching for a safe crib should be placed into finding a toddler bed.


After deciding when the time is right to move your little one to the big kid mattress, it’s important to choose the best type of bed.

There is the popular option of the toddler bed, which is low to the ground; this is ideal for children who often get up before their parents and hop out of bed. There are also twin mattresses, which lie on top of box springs, but can also simply be placed on the floor.

F. Aldea is Marketing communications consultant at Linked agency, an Ireland-based advertising consumer experience consultancy that improves agencies in the Ireland generate excellent client experiences.