It’s probably not that surprising that an awful lot can happen in a minute on the world wide web, but what about one tiny, seemingly insignificant second? Surely, not that much can go on in what amounts to not much longer than the time it takes to blink an eye? Wrong! Every second millions of activities, probably billions if you count those not calculated by official statistics, take place across the internet. That is why, for business, every second really does count.

Make Every Second Count On The Internet

The Statistics

Every single second there is around 26,471 gigabytes of internet traffic whizzing around the world wide web – a world that quite literally never sleeps, and never stops for even a second. In just that blink of an eye, an incredible 2,381,245 emails are sent and 97,967 YouTube videos are watched, according to experts at Internet Live Stats. This team of analysists, researchers and developers are an integral part of the Real Time Statistics Project, which aims to make statistics more easily accessible. Find out more about the project at realtimestatistics.

Internet Live Stats also reveal that every second there are no less than 48,072 Google searches carried out and 8,830 tweets sent. Add to this the 1,824 Tumblr posts that are made, the 1,888 Instagram photos that are uploaded and the 1,699 Skype calls that are made and you start to get a real and tangible idea of how much a second really means on the internet.

The Impact

Businesses and international organisations are increasingly understanding how much value can be contained in a single second. Internet Live Stats’, for example, reveals that its users include BBC News at, Wired, U2, and even the United Nations Conference, demonstrating the ever-growing commitment to ensuring that not a second goes by unnoticed on the web.

Even smaller businesses are increasingly realising that their web presence needs to be such that it can have the most impact no matter what second of the day a prospective client or customer chooses to visit. More and more companies are employing the services of experts in the field such as to ensure that they do not miss out on the vast opportunities that the internet presents.

Many specialist web design companies offer firms a comprehensive package of publicity and marketing methods, such as the brochure design Hampshire specialists, but the internet must always play a key role. Just as in a blink of an eye, a prospective customer can discard a poorly designed company brochure, one click can make the difference between business lost and gained.

In one second, a future client can find someone else’s business rather than your own because you have not made the most of search engine optimisation or click away because of a faulty link or difficult-to-use design. You may not think that one second lost is that much but consider if one customer or new order was lost every second of every day, of every week, of every year. That could well mark the difference between financial success and business failure. The best advice must then be to make every single internet second count.