Just as capable of making us tear up as they are of making us laugh, talented pooches have become key figures in popular culture.

Top 10 TV Dogs

1. Snoopy

Snoopy is one of the most famous and best-loved dogs of TV, and understandably so. Starting in a comic strip in the 1950s, Charlie Brown’s faithful companion has entertained us for over 60 years, not only in the form of a comic but also in television and film. Snoopy’s wisdom and humour has sparked the imagination of generations, and continues to attract fans.

2. Lassie

Even today, decades after the original series stopped being produced, Lassie remains the first name to come to mind whenever anyone says ‘famous TV dogs’. A hero in her own right, there was no situation this collie couldn’t fix. Her popularity is undoubtedly due to how she embodies all the things that are most valued about dogs: their unwavering loyalty, kindness and courage.

3. Rin Tin Tin

Another classic celebrity canine, Rin Tin Tin appeared in an impressive 27 Hollywood films. Rescued from a World War One battlefield, Rin Tin Tin’s story is one of real-life bravery. He was an immediate success and an impressive talent on screen. After he retired, his son, followed by his grandson, followed in his paw steps.

4. Scooby Doo

One of the best and funniest TV dogs, Scooby is a firm childhood favourite. Not exactly famed for his bravery, this Great Dane has made us laugh with his comical expressions, voracious appetite and friendship for his equally cowardly best pal Shaggy.

5. Brian Griffin – ‘Family Guy’

Not your average family pet, Brian is an anthropomorphic dog with a drinking problem, lofty literary ambitions and a habit of romantically pursuing human women.

6. Eddie – ‘Frasier’

For over a decade, Eddie was one of the starring members of the successful show ‘Frasier’, working alongside a stellar cast. Played by the Russell Terrier Moose, Eddie was known for his hilarious tricks and his ability to drive the snobbish Frasier up the wall. Notoriously scruffy, this mutt could have done with a bit of pampering from the experts at blossoms-pet-care.co.uk. When it comes to dog grooming Cheltenham based Blossom’s is a good choice.

7. Old Yeller

The character of Old Yeller is synonymous with canine bravery and self-sacrifice. Despite his tragic ending after having saved his family from a rabies-infected wolf, he remains in the hearts of his humans and fans alike.

8. Toto – ‘The Wizard of Oz’

Starring in an all-time Hollywood classic, Toto went on adventures in Oz with her owner and best friend Dorothy. Played by a Cairn Terrier named Terry, Toto was paid $125 a week – more than many of the human actors! She went on to appear in an impressive 13 different films.

9. Hooch – ‘Turner and Hooch’

Who could forget the image of the obsessively neat detective Turner alongside the slobbery and messy Hooch? Enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face – much like these pups at viralnova.com/funniest-dog-faces/.

10. Beethoven

This fun-loving St. Bernard stole hearts in this favourite family movie. Despite his slobbering, his loyalty and kindness wins his family over.