Blogs For Women On The Internet TodayWhile many sites online are enjoyed by men and women, there’s no doubt that most women and men have different interests, hobbies, preferences, and needs. Many of women are actively blogging regularly.

In fact, even the type of news that men and women read is completely different – women are more likely than men to learn current information about tornadoes, kidnappings, diseases, and product recalls. Men, on the other side, are more likely to read content about the Super Dish, international tensions, immigration issues, and the U.S. overall economy.

In other words, women read different content than men do. Often reading content that’s actually compiled by a woman enhances the knowledge of reading content as a woman.

The following provides a listing of some of the most popular women blogs compiled by women for women.

Women’s Self-Improvement & Spirituality Blog

Self-improvement is one of the broadest matters out there, and can include everything from learning how to control your anger, to becoming more self-sufficient, to how to create a college newspaper.

Spiritually, much like self-improvement, includes websites that are good for the soul, and offer women with tips on connecting with themselves, others, and the planet earth, offering inspirational and relatable stories.

Top women bloggers in the far-reaching self-improvement & spirituality categories include:

Gina Trapani – Lifehacker: Gina Trapani is the blogger behind the very famous and popular blog for women, Lifehacker. Lifehacker features sites on a variety of topics, which range from how to boost your working to the safety of pumpkin carving tools.

The blog even carries a whole selection of posts on technology, like a post about Google’s Nexus 6 phone, and exactly how to boost your mechanical keyboard. Trapani’s main focus, though, is to provide advice on how to boost one’s personality.

As one of the highest paid bloggers in the us, Lifehacker is obviously worth following.

Madame Monarch – A Dark Girl’s Blues: One of the better blogs for females, Madame Monarch’s blog is an innovative, witty, spiritual, and savvy undertake sex, love, associations, poetry, celebrities, adventuring, music and skill, and health and wellness.

For girls that desire a smile, an instant laugh, or some oh-so-true dating advice, A Black Girl’s Blues is your blog to follow.

Women’s Fitness Blogs

Women, let’s face it – our anatomies are just plain out unique of men’s, and reading a men’s fitness journal probably won’t can you much good.

For females looking for fitness and wellness tips, these healthy women involve some fabulous advice for you:

Gabrielle Reece – Gabby Reece Fitness Blog: Gabrielle Reece is a fashion model and actress, and professional North american volleyball player, too. Today, as a mommy of three children, Reece’s volleyball job has taken a backseat to her family, but she’s still as fit as ever before.

Her blog on fitness discusses fitness as a lifestyle choice, and provides women with tips on easy methods for getting fit, her fitness program, great healthy formulas for your family, how to detox, and more.

Her blog also includes a family, children, and matrimony section, too.

The Trim Green Bean – “Lindsay:” The Trim Green Bean is a blog that focuses generally on eating well, although your blog does have a great section on workouts, too.

Whether you wish to know how to lift up some dumbbells or make a sausage and veg egg bake, Lindsay can help.

Amazingly fit herself, this clever and creative blog is inspirational and motivating – what a woman needs while looking for fitness tips.

Women’s Motherhood Blogs

For those women which may have children, there is absolutely no job more important than being a mother.

However, motherhood isn’t always easy, and reading about other moms’ encounters, tips, and parenting advice can be relaxing, inspiring, and much-needed.

Two of our favorite motherhood bloggers are:

Girl’s Gone Child – Rebecca Woolf: This adorable blog has more than only a great name and beautiful images; Rebecca Woolf is a mommy of four and a vegetarian who focuses her blog on family life, love, children’s styles and music.

Her blog has some very nice parenting tips, as well as diet advice for kids. She’s even a legend of HGTV’s “Child Style with Rebecca Woolf.”

Not Your Average Mom – “Susie”: A 44-year-old mom of seven, a wife, and a full-time blogger. While other mother weblogs present a picture-perfect life, Susie’s blog targets the more genuine elements of nurturing seven kids, a.k.a. the chaos.

For moms who’ve their hands full, you’ll appreciate the frankness and sincerity with which Susie writes. The blog also includes a whole lot of great not-so-average guidelines for crafts and tasks, like how to recycle Xmas credit cards into ornaments or transform a dresser from drab to fab.

There’s a good not-so-average fitness section, which can be ideal for busy parents who wish to stick to top of their health.

Women’s Science and Executive Blogs

Women – including parents, fitness addicts, and those committed to becoming more religious – have a whole lot of to own world, and get excited about a number of jobs and companies. One industry that is booming with bright female bloggers is that of science and engineering.

For your couple favorite websites that will provide you with a chuckle or make the human brain grow a lttle bit, check out both of these:

Cocktail Party Physics – Jennifer Oullette: Jennifer Oullette’s ingenious and amazing blog makes relationships between your science of physics and real life. Her blog is informative and interesting, but also highly readable (even if you’re not really a technology genius) and interesting.

Female Knowledge Professor – creator unknown: In case the subject didn’t give it away, the unknown profession of this girl blogger is a knowledge professor. Her blog is greater than a clinical hotspot, though, – it’s also a great source for professional females as your blog talks about from grant writing to rejecting prospects for employment position.

THE WORTHINESS of Women Bloggers

Women are dominating the web.

An infographic published with the Atlantic shows more women than men build and revise websites, follow brands online, follow a super star, and also have a public networking profile.

If you’re a female yourself, reading other women’s weblogs provides you with great tips and advice for fitness, being truly a wife and mom, running a home or a small business, and undoubtedly, blogging.

The bloggers in the above list are simply a few of the authors of some of the top blogs for girls out there today.

Women bloggers aren’t limited by super moms, either.

Feministing, Wonkette, and Pandagon are 3 great politically oriented sites placed by women; Ries’ Bits is a blog compiled by Laura Ries, a branding expert; One Female Marketing provides some very nice marketing tips, Xeni Jardin helps to keep a tech culture blog; and Rita McGrath writes for the Harvard Business Review Blog Network.