So you’re finally getting tired of carrying your books from the library to the park to the mall and back home. Some books are bulky, the pages are falling out from others, you misplace them and on occasion you forget to bring them back to the library.

You already know about the other popular eReaders but you have been hearing a lot of good things about the Kobo eReader, a Canadian based company. In fact you probably have received a Kobo gift card for the holidays or for a birthday. Here is your chance to use it and enjoy reading again.

Since 2010 Kobo has been expanding its market share and is continuing to make inroads in the eReader market.

Kobo For The True Reader

The Kobo is reasonable priced compared to other brands with many models to choose from all under $200.00.For the avid reader the Kobo is the way to go. In fact the Kobo Aura has an expansion slot where you can increase your memory up to 32gigs, wow! That will hold thousands upon thousands of books in the palm of your hand. Most readers do not have that capability.

It you know anyone that is going to graduate soon, why not use your Kobo eReader coupon and save yourself some money in the process. The Kobo eReader is perfect for those who just want to read books. Why have all the extra stuff if you do not need them?

You can buy the Kobo from their website, but you can also buy it from is a great site where you can shop at your favorite stores and earn cash back for your purchases. You will also find discounts as well as coupons to save even more.

If you know about you are ahead of the game, if you don’t what are you waiting for? All you need is an email and a password and you can start saving right away. You can shop with confidence at, your personal information is safe with them.

The concept is easy, go to purchase what you want, in this case the Kobo reader and earn a percentage of cash back which will be sent to you every 3 months once you have earned $5.00 or more. Once you are a member, just visit their site at least once or twice a week so you do not miss out on their specials.

With so many Kobo models available pick the one that will suit your needs the best. If you are buying for someone else and do not know what they would like, than why not give them Kobo gift certificates where they can buy the model they want and pick up some accessories as well.

Well that is all for now I have good book waiting for me on my Kobo eReader.