Whenever you are planning to cross over to Canada driving, you will be checked at the border by the country’s Border Service Agency, and you will be asked your DUI record. If your record is perfectly clean, then you definitely have nothing to worry. However, if you do have a record, then you still have ways to enter Canada without any hassle, and this article will tell you how.

Legal Ways To Enter Canada With A DUI Record

Options for DUI Convicts: DUI or driving under influence is considered a serious offence in Canada, and the Government refuses entry into the country for whoever has a DUI record. There are some ways in which this can be forgone, but it needs prior planning.

The 2 options available are:

  • If your DUI is less than 5 yr old, then you will need to apply for TRP or Temporary Resident Permit. This permit will allow you to travel to Canada for a limited period of time for business or pleasure.
  • If your DUI is more than 5 yrs old then you can actually apply for a Rehabilitation permit. This is a permanent solution for all hassle free travel to Canada in future also.

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 Some Points That All DUI Convicts Must Remember When Travelling To Canada: It is not just by road that you will be denied entry into Canada if you have a DUI record but even if you take a flight, you will be checked at the Canada airport. Even if you are not driving and you are just a passenger in a commercial or private vehicle, your DUI record will still pose a problem. Even those who travel by ship will not be spared as you will be checked at the Canada harbour.

Never ever lie your way into Canadian territory. Whether it is DUI, felony, misdemeanour or alcohol related convictions, all of these are treated seriously in Canada. If you try to lie and get caught in the act, then you might lose the right to entry into Canada forever.

In case you ever face the situation where you are declined entry into Canada due to your record, it is best to just return home. Trying to convince them or getting into an argument will only make matters worse. If it is really important for you to get into Canada soon after being deported out, it will be best to seek the advice, and if possible, hire a Canadian immigration attorney. They would be the best people to advice on ways and means to get into Canada legally.

Many people are in the misconception that it is easier to fly into Canada with a DUI. The general feeling is that there are more chances of getting caught at the border if driving in but those of you who are planning to try to fly into Canadian soil is in for a shock. The border security at the airport is equally strict and diligent about DUI.

It is best to avoid entering Canada illegally by trying to find loopholes in their security system. If caught, you will not only be thrown out of the country but you will also close all your doors for an entry into Canada in future.

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