“Yu-Gi-Oh!” became very popular with the children, to high schools youth, and even to some adults because of the great game as the highlight of this anime television series. The game was named Vanguard cardfight. It was first released in 2000 but many are still playing until now. Some still buy the card as a collection since the anime series was really popular. They also release new seasons in 2014, which totally revived the game.

How To Play Vanguard Cards

For your favorite anime series, which never dies despite the long time that passed, you can still buy the Vanguard cards in many stores. You can also find them in online stores, and we are the one you will be looking for. All the clans and sets of decks are available, together with the Vanguard Mystery Pack, which is now available in English and Japanese. Your location is never a problem to us. Even if you live in the farthest part of the Earth, we will deliver your favorite deck no matter what.

Some people only buy Vanguard cards as a fan of the popular anime series. So how do we play Vanguard cardfight? First, you have to build your main deck. Main decks are consisting of 50 cards, your first vanguard is included. Having more than 4 cards (any card) with the same name is prohibited. They have this so called Trigger Unit and you must contain 16 of it exactly. Together with the limit of 4 Heal Triggers, a main deck must be limited to 4 Sentinel cards.

Using your main deck for the Vanguard cardfight for example gold paladin clans, you draw your card on the top card from your deck. When your cards are all gone during the game, you lose the game. You will also have a drop zone where you move your retired cards. For healing damages, you will move the card from the Damage zone into the Drop zone. In your Damage zone, you should never have six or more cards or you will lose immediately. There are stack cards faced down at the beginning of the game. You will have to put them on the G-zone where you will have up to 8 G units. It is performed usually to assist your damage card.

The main play area should have two rows and three spaces having the front row and back row. The front row’s middle space is called the Vanguard Circle. You can hold multiple cards there. Vanguard cardfight has also the Guardian Circle. You can also play the flash play using the flash deck. Flash deck are consists of exactly 25 cards. Clan fight’s cards must all belong to the same clan to be able to play. You will win when you inflicted 6 damages to the vanguard of your opponent.

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