If you own a handheld Nintendo gaming console, you have probably got a taste of the great features it offers the users. Starting from the games that you can play on this device to other features like internet access, playback, voice recording and camera features, this console offers you much more than just the option to play games on it.

In fact, you can turn the system into a complete multimedia platform by simply installing an R4i card. The R4i card is compatible with the Nintendo DS, DSi and the 3DS players. The R4i card, coupled with a compatible micro SD card, will allow you to download more games, music, videos, pictures and eBooks on to the device, adding greatly to the versatility of the console.

However, when you are looking for an R4i card, there are a few things that you must lookout for to ensure that you are not handed over a fake. Let us see how you can identify a fake R4i cartridge among the original one and ensure that you spend your money on the correct item.

Checking the cartridge

If you have already purchased the cartridge, it is time for a close inspection. An authentic R4i card will feature a small white circle with an “i” in the middle of the circle. The letter “i” should fit the circle perfectly and have enough space around it inside the circle. If you find that the card you have has a bolder “i” that practically touches the outer circle, chances are you have been handed over a fake cartridge.

If you are still not sure about the authenticity of the card, turn the card over and check for the printed circuits and gold strips at the back of the card. This side of the card should feature gold strips that extend up to the bottom of the card. A fake cartridge is more likely to have shorter strips.

You will also find the board with a white “r4i” towards the top left corner. If any of these is missing or different, you have probably purchased a fake card.

Checking the website selling the device

Next, check the website from which you are planning to purchase the cartridge. Is this website a dedicated seller of R4 cards or does it sell a whole lot of other cards from different manufacturers as well? Try to order from authentic websites like UKR4Cards.com that deal only with specific products.

To be even more sure about the website in question, do a bit of research on the online store and see if customers have been happy with the website. Try to find out if the online store selling the R4i cards promises to deliver the products you purchase from them quickly.

Moreover, check if the website offers you secured payment options. This ensures that you stay away from scams when shopping online. Make sure you pay attention to all these points for the best results when purchasing an R4i card over the internet for your Nintendo gaming console.

John is an electronics graduate and a part time online columnist. Today John explains how you can identify a Nintendo’s R4i card among the original ones.