To be effective in business communication you need to keep up with your skills, taking annual refresher courses may benefit you, your staff and business. Effective communication means you will always be able to effectively discuss business matters with your employees and customers.

Effective communication means you can avoid conflict, make sure everything is completely understood and probably most important, make sales. You need to learn that each person is different, each person needs to be spoken to and delt with in a different manner.

You want to communicate with each of your employees so that there will be little to no conflicts in the work place. Email is a very effective way to communicate rapidly; this is how a lot of business associates keep in contact.

Using Email to Communicate

You have to beware of the way your email is interpreted. Some people are not very articulate when it comes to writing and may come off sounding rude or uncaring, this could be the quite opposite.

Details written in emails are very easily misunderstood, recipients of your emails may not understand the way you write. Email communication is a good and bad way to deal with business communications, good if done properly, bad if done wrong. Be careful the way word your emails and just make sure that you explain things simply and to the point.

Video Conferencing

Telephone and video conferences are a great way to hold business meetings for persons in different countries or states. While conducting these conferences you need to remain professional; don’t over speak; keep it short and simple and most importantly listen.

If you listen and try to be understanding you will receive a lot more lead way. While using the telephone you can determine the mood of the person on the other end by the tone of their voice; video conference and you will be able to see their body language.

Do not read too much into the tone of their voice or body language unless you are familiar with that person, some people may just come off as rude or agitated but actually be very kind people.

Having effective business communication skills can help resolve situations with a client. You have to be able to speak with finesse and skill. Always be sure to choose the right words, the saying ‘think before you speak’ applies here.

You have to keep eye contact with the person or persons you are speaking with so you can show professionalism. They are more likely to trust and have faith in you when you keep eye contact, if you’re looking around and being nervous they may think you are shifty.

If you do not feel sure of yourself then why should they? You cannot rehearse conversations or ways to say something because you will take the risk of coming off rehearsed. If a client feels like you are reading a script then they will walk away, you need to hold yourself with authority and confidence. Make sure you never show if you get agitated, that can cause conflict, try to relax.

Guest post supplied by Mark Stubbles, Mark is a lifelong student and has a passion for learning about effective communication.