There’s a lot to be said for entering into your 30’s. Many people cling desperately onto age 29 thinking that it’s all downhill from there, but quite the opposite. You go from being in your late 20’s to your early 30’s. If you let it, it’s a great time to be alive! You can either go kicking and screaming into what is a clear inevitability, or you can be a man or woman about it, and age gracefully. Clearly, we suggest you go for a more graceful transition. Here are some tips from someone who’s been there, done that. Getting into your 30’s is not hard if you let it not be. Here’s some things you can do.

Cook at Home

How To Graceful Move Into Your 30’s

One thing people in their 20’s are always doing is eating out at brew pubs or asian places, always getting every meal prepared for you by someone else. There’s a lot of reasons why this has to go. First, you can save that money and start saving up to buy a house or something like that, and also you can start honing a craft that will come in handy down the road for you – cooking meals for not just you, but for a spouse and maybe even kids. If you never learn how to cook, spouse-hood and parenthood will be even all that more expensive. You can eat more healthfully and you can get a new life skill all at the same time. Plus save money.

Drive a More Conservative Car

How To Graceful Move Into Your 30’s

In your 20’s, it’s fun to drive a convertible, or some sort of sporty car like a Black Acura with low profile rims. Get it out of your system, because when you turn 30, it’s time to drive more like an adult. You can stay the speed limit and also get a car that better on fuel economy, has lower insurance premiums, and is more reliable. Something like a Honda or a Kia. In fact, a lot of people write off Kia’s because of the reputation, but if you look online at, you may soon realize that they are looking pretty good these days and are even pretty affordable. You can actually get a brand new car without breaking the bank. Start picking out a Kia for yourself at

Marry the Girl and Reproduce

How To Graceful Move Into Your 30’s

In your 20’s, it’s nice to go from super model to tart to girl at the bar, over and over, never developing actual connections to others. But when you’re in your 30’s, it’s time to start thinking about settling down. Maybe you go for the girl who isn’t as pretty, but has nice child rearing hips and a calm and pleasant demeanor. You don’t want the sorority style party girl anymore, though you can still flirt with them when you’re at Hooters. That’s the thing. So when you’re in your 30’s, it’s time to start settling, and settling down, and resigning yourself to a life of complacent boredom. It’ll be good, you’ll see.