When you are choosing a transporter for your automobile, you may receive bids from several carriers. You can use websites that feature carriers to get bids. But how to select from among different bids depends on a number of factors.

How To Choose Automotive Transport Service?

Some of the important measures are as follows:

  • Estimate your needs: Get a good idea of what you need and make sure the carrier you choose provides the services you need. Depending on your budget, time constraint, and requirement, you may choose between open or closed transport, terminal to terminal service or door to door service.
  • Contact and get a quote: You can find reputable transporters by conducting research online. When you enter information about what you want to transport at websites, you are likely to get multiple quotes. You must enter accurate information to get best quotes.
  • Don’t be fooled by lowest price: Many companies lure customers with a very low bid. Then they try to locate a carrier to move your vehicle. If carrier refuses the low price, your vehicle will not be moved. So low price is effectively a scam.
  • Do research: Conduct some sleuthing into the companies in your consideration radar. Use the wealth of data available on the net. Either do a Google search on company’s name or consult a review website. Inquire from friends and relatives. Review quotes and customer feedback posted on the net.
  1. Important issues: Ensure the company has a few years experience. This is an unregulated industry and new companies for automotive transportation services spring up at very short intervals. Make sure your company is licensed, bonded and insured. Check whether the transport company has USDOT and MC numbers, which are mandatory transporting registrations.
  • Review cargo insurance and liability coverage in online profile: All carriers are required to be insured. Most companies list their insurance information on their online profile. After booking a company, request a written copy of insurance policy. Reputed companies will not hesitate on this issue.
  • Confirm: Decide on company and book transport. Make sure you confirm through e-mail or fax. Go through all details thoroughly before signing any documents. Your e-signature will be considered final and binding.
  • Prepare your vehicle for transport: Auto carriers require that the vehicle to be transported is filled with fuel of less than a quarter tank. Also, wash the vehicle and disable any alarm system.
  • Inspection: Ensure that carrier company examines your vehicle thoroughly before transport. This will consist of Vehicle Condition Report. This must be saved till delivery of the vehicle.

These are some of the criteria for selecting an automotive carrier service.