Stainless Steel Benches are available in various sizes or dimensions and specifications and these can be used for various purposes and places. Good quality stainless steel benches are known for their smooth surface finish, resistance to corrosion and high strength. Due to their high strength, these benches are highly durable, can be used in the hardest wearing work environments and usually have a long life. Stainless steel is known for its low maintenance and it does not crack, chip, fade or peel with time. Stainless steel benches can look as good as new by buffing them every two years. Stainless steel is made of an alloy of carbon, iron and other metals and the main reason for its strength is chromium. Chromium, because of its thin oxide film on the surface, protects it from corrosion and rust.

Stainless Steel Benches –The Modern Choice For A Modern Outlook and Is Cost Effective

Applications and Uses of Stainless Steel Benches 

Stainless steel has high tensile strength and stainless steel benches being robust, durable, cost effective and easy to maintain are used extensively for most modern and contemporary interior furnishings. Stainless Steel Benches find applications especially in various industrial and commercial sectors and can be used for both exterior and internal uses. So they are always in good demand. Some of the most common uses of stainless steel benches are at the following places:

  • Gardens
  • Parking areas
  • Bus shelters
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • Other Public places
  • Domestic uses
  • Industrial uses like laboratories and factories

Besides the more common sitting benches, there are stainless steel work benches and kitchen benches. They are widely used in the food industry and industrial kitchens, especially due to their hygienic make. The surface of stainless steel benches is non-porous, so bacteria can be easily wiped and cleaned. There are no gaps or joints for any germs to build up and are an easy to clean and germs and bacteria free surface.

Stainless steel benches cannot only bear good weight but can also be stylish and appealing in design. Stainless steel benches are available in various patterns and designs. Sometimes, stainless steel is combined with wood to create beautifully designed benches that can be used indoor as well as outdoor.

How to Care for and Maintain Stainless Steel Benches

Even though stainless steel benches provide for hygienic surface, dirt and grease can accumulate over time on them from all kinds of sources. This is especially true for benches at public places. Therefore, it is important to keep cleaning them from time to time. Cleaning stainless steel benches is quite easy and simple. These can be simply cleaned by using warm soap water and then rinsing or wiping with warm clean water and finally wiping with a clean and dry absorbent cloth or sponge. It is advisable not to use abrasive cleaning agents on these benches because these can cause scratches on the nicely and brightly polished stainless steel surface. It is also advisable not to use steel wool to clean these as this can cause rust stains on the stainless steel surface. In case there is a problem of finger prints on the surface, a very light coating of baby oil, any good furniture polish, or clear silicone wax polish can be used on the surface.

Today there are companies that can conceptualize, design and manufacture customized stainless steel benches as per the design provided to them. These are manufactured using high-quality stainless steel and modern techniques and equipments and are cost effective. Stainless steel benches are available in various elegant designs with good aesthetic appearance and strong construction.