It is a common fact that as one’s age ripens, significant changes become more noticeable. The physical body starts to decrease in strength, senses decline and the mind begins to slowly lose its sharpness. While these are natural, the effect can be quite overwhelming, leading to diminished mobility and isolation. With that, studies were conducted as to how social wellness plays a fairly vital role to a healthy aging process.

What Help Can Social Wellness Give to Seniors?

Providing a sense of purpose.

Helping the elderly to connect and socialize to particular organizations that he/she is interested in can boost their sense of purpose. Being able to visit charitable institutions or non-government associations can create a feeling of confidence in them, helping them realize that they can still contribute to the society.

Reducing the risk of illnesses.

In the past years, research had already proved that social engagement is linked to a better immune system, especially to the older people. Osteoporosis, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases tend to be in a decreased risk for those who are constantly active in relating to others. Mental health is also taken care of as socializing becomes a habit – lessening the probability of depression, dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Prompts the addressing of basic physical health issues like vision and hearing.

Being involved in a network of people can make the elderly more aware of their basic health issues. On the other hand, being isolated can make them rationalize their concerns, since there is almost nothing to make these things better for. Thus, when they become active in their social lives, they tend to address their poor vision and/or hearing – so they can see, hear and communicate in a more improved manner.

Contributes to a better overall well-being.

Going out and maintaining relationships with people definitely impacts the lives of the elderly in a positive way. Social wellness alone is a great start off, while everything that comes with it also makes for an affirmative effect to the person’s well-being. In the physical aspect, it can improve mobility and reduced diseases. Emotionally, it can restore feelings of security and esteem, creating more space for joy and purposefulness. To top it all, it maintains a sound mind and cognition – so the aging process is well-managed and dealt with.

Engage socially and search for activities that best fit your interests. Go out and connect – continue growing, learning and enriching yourself through others.

Written by The Village Of Bedford Walk, a senior living community in Columbia, MO.