People undergo breast augmentation for various reasons – be it because of aesthetic expectations, illnesses or accidents. This invasive procedure allows individuals to reduce, enlarge, or redo their breasts.

Contrary to popular belief, the process of breast augmentation does not end after one has undergone surgery. After undergoing breast augmentation, a lifestyle change is needed to ensure one’s health and safety.

Life after Breast Augmentation: What to Expect After Undergoing Surgery

After surgery the body needs to heal, and the implants do not quickly settle into your body. To ensure the best aesthetic result for your implants, you need to take note of the following:

Your breast implants will not drop and settle overnight.

Some individuals have unrealistic expectations when it comes to breast augmentation. Due to their lack of prior knowledge on the procedure, people think that they will automatically get their ideal breasts soon after the procedure. However, that is simply not the case.

Implants are actually positioned high after surgery. This is done in order to make your breasts look natural after the process has ended. Depending on your original breast size, placement procedure, and texture, the settling process can take weeks or even months.

Recovery time is needed.

You do not need to be stuck in bed after breast augmentation. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can do everything you have previously done before undergoing surgery. To get the best possible result for your breast augmentation procedure, you need to refrain from doing heavy lifting, strenuous work or chores, or putting pressure on your chest area. You also need to make sure that your stitches and scars are well taken care of and constantly maintained.

You have to refrain from smoking after undergoing breast augmentation.

Like any other surgical procedures, there are health risks to breast augmentation. For smokers, these health risks can be greater, as nicotine exposure causes the constriction of the blood vessels. This delays your healing process, as reduced blood flow comes with blood vessel constriction. This also lessens the amount of white blood cells around your area, which makes the possibility of infections more likely. To prevent these things from happening, smokers are advised to stop smoking for months before and after the procedure.

Constant Maintenance and Check-ups are needed after Breast Augmentation

Some people may experience a physiological and an emotional roller coaster after undergoing breast augmentation. Some may second guess their decision, some may want additional procedures, and others may experience health issues post-surgery. It is therefore important that breast augmentation patients check-up with their doctors post-surgery.

It is also necessary that patients discuss their life after breast augmentation with their doctors in order to know what to expect and what to do after their breast augmentation procedure. To know more, contact your trusted plastic surgeon now!

Dr. Gregory H. Croll is the owner of his own practice, and the leading doctor for breast augmentations Columbia, MO.