Holidays are approaching and it’s time for some creative events to utilize this time. Nowadays, kids are most of the time busy with their school and other school activities such as homework, assignments, and examinations, etc. They do not have time to enjoy and are unable to explore the life in creative way. Holidays are the only time kids have for themselves. Kids are very active by nature. They have a lot of extra energy that has to be channelized in a right direction otherwise it will lead to certain unwanted mischief. Children love to participate in certain creative events and learn many creative activities through these events. Let us check out some of the events in Bangalore, especially for kids.

Holiday Time – Gala Time!

Sunday, 21 December; Time 5 p.m onwards…; Location Atta Galatta (Koramangala)

Imaginostory-Christmas with Music using Shadows of Puppet and Magic

Christmas is the festival of fun and entertainment. People celebrate this festival with great splendour and show. Imaginostory is one of the classic events that share the unique experience of Dr. Suess. ‘Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ musical is presented using creative shadow puppets, which fills kids with enthusiasm. Kids can also enjoy craft session where they will learn to make Christmas greetings for someone special. Also, they will enjoy fun games and will take exiting gifts with them.

Children above 3 are eligible for this event and cost is 200INR. So, hurry up and contact the organizers at [email protected].

Saturday, 20 December;

Play Jam- a Workshop for Children

This is a creative workshop for both children and parents. It helps the children to be familiar with the world around them through various drawing, playing and learning sessions. The basic aim of this workshop is to enhance artistic growth in children and help them understand the importance of art in developing creative energies in them. This is absolutely free and seats are limited so check this website soon: Time 11:00am; Location: Atta Galatta, Bangalore.

Creativity Weaving and Quilling Workshop

This workshop focuses on the power of imagination. This is another new and creative opportunity for the kids to generate their creative abilities. This paper art is not costly and also easy to handle by kids. Parents should support their children to participate in this workshop. The charges are 799INR and you can contact Archana at 97429 29933 or 99862 51163 for knowing more details for joining.Time 11:00am; Location Atta Galatta, Bangalore

Wednesday, 24 December;Time 10:00am; Location; South Bangalore

Children’s Christmas Grooming & Dining Camp

This is another event, which helps in grooming your child and enables them to grow up into perfect gentleman or gentlewoman. Social etiquettes are taught using innovative techniques like role playing and involving children in group activities. Children learn to speak in public and overcome their hesitation. Body language, dining manners are also the part of their module. Play-way methods are used to teach time management, which plays a major role in all their life.

Cost of this camp is Rs.7000/- and for further details, you can visit / or email at [email protected] / [email protected].

Kids event in Bangalore are very popular and worth attending. There are more events in other cities, which should be surely arriving soon.

Author’s bio: The author is working with event management team and also interested in writing about them. She contributes her articles to eventshigh.